Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

What a wonderful time of year!

It was Lyla's first Christmas and Irelyn's first Christmas where I think she really understood more of what was going on.  It's so fun to see things through her eyes.  She doesn't remember last year so it's all new and sooo exciting to her.

Well to start off this was my first year of witnessing some serious Black Friday shopping.  I think mom and I might make it a tradition.  I had so much fun shopping for weeks months for my girls!

Our Christmas celebrations started Dec. 20 with an evening celebration at my in-laws.  Joe's brother, girlfriend, and son came to town from Montana and it was the only night we could all be together.  Irelyn went nuts over all her presents and wanted to help everybody open their presents.  Her favorite that night was probably an apron that came with a check pad.  She took everybody's order.

Dec. 22 we went to my Grandma's in Westby.  It is tradition to sing carols and Irelyn enjoyed belting out Jingle Bells.  She then handed out all the presents and tore through hers (and Lyla's).  More great gifts!  Joe and I left from there to head to Green Bay and my mom took the girls for the night.

I had never been to Lambeau and Joe actually got the tickets for our anniversary back in June.  Yes, I would have preferred a September game, but it was exciting and great nonetheless.  Joe's brother and his girlfriend, son, and father all went to the game.  It was a total blow out. 63-7 I believe.  Go Pack!

Christmas Eve- Joe and I both had to work.  We went to church with my mom after work and then back to her house for a short little celebration and some present opening.  Irelyn got the bike she had been asking for that night.  My mom had bought her a bike before she started asking for one from Santa and she was not about to let Santa take credit for that one!  Lyla also got a ride on toy that they both enjoy.  We came home and Lyla went right to bed, but I let Irelyn stay up and make cookies with me for Santa.  She even wrote (scribbled) the cutest little note and put a sticker on it "so he knows it is from me" it was sooo sweet. 

Christmas Day- we hosted both our parents.  Lyla didn't care about any presents as usual.  Irelyn opened a baby set containing a toy baby car seat, stroller, swing/highchair and then the baby (Bitty Baby) and didn't care to open any thing else.  Just wanted to play with that stuff.  We were having to beg her to open more so we put it on hold and ate dinner.  Then after dinner she was ready to open the rest.  After they napped we played at least for a little bit with just about every toy they received.  Lyla got Little People Princess Castle that Irelyn of course loves as well as a Little People carnival set.  Lyla will grow into them and of course she can stick the people in her mouth safely ;).  Lyla had a bit of a cold, but it didn't affect her much at all.

I also got some great gifts, but it is more about the kids these days and the traditions and time with family. My mom gave me money for a new bike and I ordered the bike I did not think I could offered on Christmas night because I just happened to find it 50% off!

I think as the kids get older our Christmas' will just continue to be more exciting and magical.  God Bless!

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