Monday, December 10, 2012

Irelyn's Christmas Wish List

I know I haven't posted in forever.  I am going to try and work on that.  But, I just saw something cute about having a keepsake or something to remember what your child was asking Santa for each year.  So, I am going to jot this down quick here because I am highly unlikely to make some kind of cutesy craft ala Pinterest.

Irelyn at 2 1/2 years old was asking at first for a baby and a computer.  She later added in "numbers".  No idea what that means or where it came from.  Then a couple days before we actually went to see Santa she started just saying she wants a bike.  To ride to school no less.  That is what she asked Santa for at the mall. Now every time she is asked or is asked what we should get somebody else it is always a "tooting gun".  That started when I asked her to leave her Godmother a return message on the phone about what she wanted and I expected the baby and computer response, but she said tooting gun and now that is continuing.

I will make the baby thing happen and Grandma T got her a bike for Santa.  Hopefully a portable DVD player will pass for a computer.  A 2 year old does not need a computer.  I would get her a kiddie computer, but I know she would get bored with it in 2 seconds and that's not really what she wants because she plays with my phone (knows how to work the apps-it's scary) and we look at YouTube together on my computer. She is getting plenty of other great toys as well.  I know she will probably love it all.  This Christmas may make some of her first memories, so I'm trying to make it a good one!  Of course not with all presents, but fun family things and traditions that we will hopefully continue for a long time to come.   AND teaching her why we celebrate Christmas and keeping Christ in Christmas.  I'm not a big fan of having to just call it the Holidays now.  I will call it Christmas thank you very much.  We got out her Little People Nativity and she just loves to play with that.  Makes me very happy to see.

I attempted to do Gingerbread houses, but that just turned out not so great.  At least now I have somewhat of an idea to what I am doing.

We went to see Santa.  Irelyn was sooo excited, but then got a little shy when it came actual time to sit on his lap.  She ended up doing well after a little convincing that it was fine. Lyla wailed.

We have been cutting our Christmas tree down at Lamke's for the past 3 or 4 years.  This year I pushed the girls in a stroller rather than a sled because at the time there was no snow.  The next day came 6 inches of snow! Although I think it is fun to do in the snow, I'm glad we didn't have to this year because it would have been quite difficult to pull them in a sled on those hills.

Typically Christmas Eve is spent at my Grandma's, but this year I have to work so we will go there on the 22nd.  Joe's brother and girlfriend will be in town from Montana and we will have a Christmas celebration with them and my in-laws on the evening of the 20th.  Christmas Eve we will do Church and maybe my Mom and Dad's for a bit.  Christmas day both my parents and Joe's parents come to our house and we spend the day at home.  We are also heading to a Packer game on the 23rd with Joe's brother and girlfriend that I am very excited about.  First time to Lambeau for me!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I'm sure I will post again after Christmas of how everything goes.  It is Lyla's first Christmas after all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What A Weekend

Yes, It's Tuesday and I am just getting around to writing about our little crazy weekend.

Friday night I went with Joe to his bowling league to hang out with girlfriends/wives of the guys.  I haven't been able to go in a long time so it was a nice little night out.

Saturday morning Irelyn and I were going to go to Downtown Days in La Crosse for painting pumpkins, watching performers, old fashioned photos and what not, but the weather was so mad I doubt anything happened.  We stayed home in the morning and I went with my mom and sister to a craft show during nap then ran to Target. 
I got home and Joe and Irelyn ran to the mall so Joe could do something with video games...
Lyla and I were just hanging out and playing.  After I while I was holding her on my lap and we were kissing and she was chewing on my face she moved to my ear and her I pulled her away to find her choking briefly.  I got really scared and ended up tipping her down and hitting her back.  Didn't even have time to think.  But she was fine and smiling within a few seconds, but after feeling my ear I knew she swallowed my earring.  After a brief freak out and Joe getting home exactly at the same time, I calmed down and we thought she would just pass it, but called the nurse line just to be sure.  I left a message and we decided to make dinner and carve a pumpkin.  The nurse called back shortly and said we needed to go to the ER. 

I drove Lyla down and everything went really fast at first we went right through to the triage nurse and then right back to the ER room and the doctor walked right in.  He just said first we needed an x-ray.  So we waited a little while for that and then the very nice x-ray man came to get us.  Lyla did great and we took a fast x-ray which immediately showed the earring.  (still made I never asked to see it).  Then the really long wait came with only brief interactions with the nurse who knew nothing and the doctor who was waiting for the peds GI doctor to tell him what to do.  Apparently there was discussion about which was more risky- leaving it or an endoscopy.  Ultimately it was more risky to perform an endoscopy on a 7 month old and they decided to let it pass- Thank God.  Which it did on Monday.  About 2.5 hours all and all at the ER and Lyla did awesome!  I knew she was going to get tired and most likely a little hungry and I started to freak out a little when they told me I couldn't feed her in case they needed to go in and get it, but again she did awesome.  A little antsy, but no crying!

Sunday I took Irelyn to church.  She was so sad when I left to take Lyla the night before and wanted me to stay home soo bad it broke my heart.  I knew she needed some Mommy time.  She was quite cute.  She ended up sitting in the pew in front of me with some girl we didn't even know.  She was about 8 or 9 and slowly Irelyn moved closer and closer to her and eventually even laid her head on her shoulder.  I have never seen her do anything like this, except she does take to 19-20 year old boys quite well.

After church we went home and picked up Dad and Lyla and went to meet my cousin and his girlfriend and Fat Sam's in downtown La Crosse.  We had never been there and it was good.  Joe really enjoyed it.  Me being the picky eater that I am thought it was just okay.

After naps we went to Texas Roadhouse with G&G Eberhardt.  Irelyn's cold was raging by this point and she didn't eat anything and when she did try she put too much corn in her mouth and threw it up into a napkin in my hands.  Other than that it was good.  Lyla was awesome as usual and the food was very good.  

And to end this interesting weekend the Packers had any AMAZING game after a bunch of disappointing loses!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

2 and 4 and a half

I feel like I haven't updated all the craziness that is Irelyn lately so I thought I would try and document a little of Irelyn Loraine at 2 and a half.
She is at the age that people ask her how old she is and she says "2 and 4 and a half".  I do not understand where the 4 comes from and correct here every time, but it continues.  She can count to ten just fine, but whenever asked how many of something there is she says "2,4,3".  Don't get it.

She continues to be a tall girl and built like her daddy.  She weighs around 35 lbs and is over 3 feet tall.  I now need to buy her 4T clothing or larger. 
Her vocabulary and the way she talks continues to amaze us and make us laugh all the time.  We believe she is very smart! (but what parent doesn't?)
She has no real interest in anything on TV.  She loves her specific movies though.  At the moment her favorites continue to be Shrek 1-3, Monsters Inc., Despicable Me, and briefly we had a run of Tangled.  I am considering taking her to a movie in the theater for the first time sometime soon.
She is a picky eater, but bribery goes a long way.
She completed her second series of swimming lessons and did amazing.  She was one of the only ones in her class who loved to go underwater.  Child has very little fear, which is probably not a good thing.  Next up we are going to try a Mommy and Me dance class because she loves to dance and then I want to do swim lessons with Lyla.  At the moment I think I can only handle 1 class at a time.
She is really into playing with babies.  When I ask her what her baby's name is, no matter which baby, she calls her "Ellison Eberhardt".  She has very much taken to Lyla's middle name for some reason and I rarely ever use Lyla's middle name.
She wears NO diapers even at night time!
Irelyn can test my patience and be a little diva at times, but she makes life so interesting and fun. If one of the Grandmas comes to take her for awhile I miss her and her ridiculousness as soon as she is gone.   
On that note she is obsessed with both her Grandmas!  
Irelyn loves to be outside.  Loves shoes.  Hates to leave them on.
Overall, yes 2 can be a little challenging, but I am loving this age and the ever expanding vocabulary that comes with it and seeing the excitement on her face when we do new things and being able to take her to fun things and activities and having her tell me "I'm excited!" with the biggest grin on her face. Love it! Love her!

Just a quick update on little Lyla.  She is 6 months going on 7.  We finally got to the doctor for her 6 month well child visit.  She is in the 50th percentile for height and head which is still surprising to me because he sister was always much larger.  Her weight is in the 70%.  She is so close to crawling. Probably any day now!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's been one week since we got back form Chicago.  It was our first trip since having Lyla.
We went because my friend from when I was 2 years old was up in Michigan from Florida for her cousins wedding and offered to drive to Chicago so we could meet up.  We jumped at the chance.  Although, we would love to go to Florida ;).
We got nervous the whole week before because Lyla was so sick and we didn't know if it would be possible to take her and went through a lot of scenarios about what we would do, but thank GOD she improved just in the nick of time.  I would have been so bummed if we all couldn't go.  Jud and Erica are Irelyn's Godparents and hadn't seen her since she turned 1 and they hadn't met Lyla yet. 
 I planned out the timing perfectly on the way there.  We kept Lyla up until we were ready to leave and she slept until we stopped for lunch.  We stopped, everybody ate lunch, Iley ran around for a little while and we were off again.  Lyla fell asleep again shortly after lunch and slept until we arrived in Chicago.  Irelyn also fell asleep for an hour.  I have never known her to sleep more than an hour in the car, so this was expected.  Plus, tolls suck and woke her up.  Lyla woke up a couple times to with the tolls but went right back to sleep. 
We stayed in a very neat little bed and breakfast a few miles from downtown Chicago.  It was in a monastery and run by the monks. It had 3 rooms and was perfect for us (except the creaky floors that kept Lyla up).  Irelyn got her own room and as it turned out Lyla took over Joe and I's bed and we traded off who slept with her and who slept on the couch (or climbed in with Irelyn as I did).   Oh one more problem- no cable to watch the epic Packer game on Monday night with the ending heard around the world!
The B&B was right across the street from a park so we played there and then walked around the neighborhood for a place to eat.  Which we would later take our Chinese food to go due to a tired/ crabby 2 year old who decided to make it look like I was kidnapping her or something.

The next day was exciting as we took both girls on the city bus and train into the city and headed to Navy Pier.  We enjoyed our morning there.  Build a Bear, Ferris wheel, carousel.  Unfortunately, due to everything taking longer with young kids and the time it took to transport we didn't have time for much else in the city and needed to get back for naps.  But, just having time to hang out with everybody at the B&B was just fine with me and less stressful.
We went to dinner that night for real Chicago deep dish. 
Jud and Erica had to leave real early the next day.  We tried to go with the same plan as we had on the way there and our biggest goal was to get back in time for Irelyn's last night of swim class.  It was family night and we all wanted to go with the Grandma's, but Lyla had a rough ride back, barely slept, and was too crabby.   The ride home was stressful.  I wanted to find the Stride Rite that looked like it was right on the way home, but turned out to be very hard to find and when we did finally find it they were out of most the sizes we needed.  Dang Iley and her chunky feet. :) So, Lyla barely left, wouldn't eat well, and crabbed.  Irelyn was farely good, but her constant talking and questioning "why" got a little annoying. 
Overall I feel it was a good experience for our family and I was thrilled to see Erica and Jud.  I don't think traveling will ever be easy with our kids at least for a long time, but we had fun and I hope to take them back some day when they are older to see more of Chicago!

Monday, September 17, 2012

6 Months


You are 6 months! You are growing up so fast! 

This post is hard to write because for the past few days you have been REALLY sick.  Coming out both ends my dear.  Mommy cannot keep up with all your laundry.  We probably don't go through this many clothes in 2 weeks as we have in 2 days.  Nor have I ever had to wash a car seat so frequently. We went to the doctor today to make sure you were okay and now you only eat a few ounces and they told us to give you yogurt and pedialyte.  Luckily, you are still a pretty happy girl.
You turned 6 months 5 days ago and at that time you were eating anything we gave you, but we were mainly giving you vegetables.  You ate a container of food and a bottle at breakfast, lunch, and supper, and a bottle before bed.  You take a morning nap and afternoon nap and sometimes an evening nap. 
You mostly sleep through the night (8-6 or 7), but wake up one-two times for a pacifier and sometimes need to be rocked back to sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning. You gave up your swaddle!!
You sit up so well and want to crawl, but it's just too hard still.
We keep waiting for a tooth to pop through, but still nothing.  You chew on everything in sight.
You weigh 16 lbs and 10 oz. which is the 62% on today's date.  But, I believe you have lost some weight being sick and you would have been 17.5 to 18 lbs.  We are delaying your 6 month check up because of being sick, but the doctor said it was obvious you were developing very well physically and cognitively.  They even thought you we're saying "hi" :).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This week starts some big changes in the Eberhardt household. 

I start my new hours at work to spend more time with the girls!  I now work 3 days a week.  I think it will hopefully be the perfect balance.  I really didn't think I would drop lower than my 4 days for awhile, but it was always the goal to work part time.  It was a couple of months ago when a lady quit who works 3 days a week and I started to think about it.  I asked my boss if I could take her hours and then they could hire someone for my 4 days since they had to hire someone anyways.  She said of course, so then I took it to Joe.  He was very hesitant and we went back and forth. We eventually agreed and then I just needed to wait for someone to be hired and trained in. 

With this change came another big change for our family.  We took the girls out of day care.  Irelyn has been with the same in home day care provider since she was 3 months old and Lyla has been with her for the past 3 months.  But now they will either be with me, Joe, or one the Grandmas.  I am very excited for them to be able to be with family everyday!  And I know the Grandmas are excited to spend more time with the babes.

So you will probably here more from me as I have more time (well nap time) to be on the computer and more time to take pics of the kids. :)  I'll try not to be too annoying.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I feel like I am one of those mom's who takes her kids to the doctor always to be told they are fine.  I like to think I am not one that worries about every little cold or rash, but I do typically tend to think better safe than sorry.
Well, today was not one of those days.  After getting home from Bayfield last week Irelyn had a few bites that looked like mosquito or spider bites.  Most went away, but all of a sudden one looked pretty bad on the back of her leg.  My mother in law mentioned it looked like a bulls eye and I knew immediately what she was getting at.  My baby may have Lyme's disease.  I don't know a whole lot about it so I took to google and then called the nurse hot line.  Of course I was told she needed to be seen (they always say that).  After looking at the google images I knew what we were going to hear.  Thank God she never got any other symptoms and now that she is on the antibiotic hopefully all will be fine. 
Besides Irelyn's acid reflux neither child has had medical issues or medications.  But I guess there is a first for everything.  I'm sure my children will have many more illnesses, but I can just hope and pray they (and the rest of my family) continue to stay healthy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lyla: 5 months

Lyla at 5 months...

You are still such a happy baby.  Grandpa says if you smile any bigger your eyes will pop out!

You are out growing your 3-6 month clothes, but we are making them work to get through the rest of the warmer weather hopefully.

You still sleep swaddled, but I wish we could wean you from that...working on it.

You can sit on your own without your hands for short periods of time.

You have ate cereal once or twice and did fine, but don't really seem all that eager and don't really seem to need it. 

You put everything in your mouth.

We were sure you were getting teeth, but still nothing.

You are sleep through the night sometimes, but alot of nights still wake up around 4am, if we feed you a little you are back to sleep within 15 minutes.  (please start sleeping through that)  If you wake up other times during the night, putting a pacifier back in your mouth helps (and then you spit it out again).  You also like to sleep on your side.

You take 3 naps a day.  The afternoon nap is typically the longest.  A short morning and evening nap.

Mommy went away for 3 days and you stayed with daddy and Grandma S.  Iley and I missed you so much and the reunion between you and your sister was the sweetest/craziest thing ever.  Don't ever doubt how much Irelyn loves you. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Been Up

I know it's been a long time since I wrote a post.
So...what's been up?
I've been working.
We've been sick.
And it's been hot.

No, we have been having fun and truth is with the 2 of them and working I just don't get a lot of extra time to sit down and write.  By the time we get the kids to bed, I sit for a little bit and then go to bed myself.

I am reading 50 Shades of Grey, but it will probably take me quite some time. 

Lyla's not yet sleeping through the night, but she's doing well.  She turned 4 months old today. She goes to the doctor next week so I will write more about how she is doing at 4 months old after that.  I will say I was looking at pictures of Irelyn from birth to 4 months last night to compare and man I will finally admit that they look very similar.  But still different to ;).  I want to do a post comparing their pictures...eventually.  I will find one to do a who's who at the bottom of this post.

Irelyn has been a little challenging, but I am proud to report she is potty trained!  She also got to experience her first fireworks.  Got to stay up late in the 100 degree sticky gross weather and then the fireworks started and she wanted to go home ;).  Covering her EYES complaining of them being too loud.  Oh well. 

I take alot of pictures on my phone these days and I feel like it's slightly more complicated to upload from my phone to computer so I will just post some from my camera for now.  Enjoy!

WHO'S WHO?  Back by popular demand  ;0)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lyla: 3 months

Little Lyla,
You are 3 months old and changing so much and so fast.  Yesterday we had your 3 month pictures taken.  You were really good, but it was outdoors and you didn't want to open your eyes.  Your sister on the other hand was a little ham and thought it was all about her.  For the first time in awhile we probably got some good pictures of you, her, and the 2 of you together.  She loves you so much! She will love on you all day if we ask her too.  If the photographer was trying to take a picture of just you Irelyn was sure to get in there.  It was pretty funny.
So, at 3 months you fit into 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes, but growing fast so mainly putting you all in 3-6's now.  Plus we have a lot of cute ones to get to in that size!  You where a size 1 diaper.  You have the biggest smile and it is so easy to get you to smile.  You can sit up!  It's brief and you lean pretty far forward, but you can do it long enough for Mommy to snap a picture at least.   You love to be held in a sitting position though and you pull up on our hands to sit and stand as well.  You are not a fan of being on your tummy.  You roll to your side and almost are rolling from your back to your stomach.  You get close and then probably remember that you don't like being on your tummy ;). 
On your 3 month birthday you slept through the night for the first time.  You sleep pretty well, but you go to bed pretty early (between 7 and 8) so you normally eat around 2 and wake up at 6.  We are trying to move all this back.  Last night you slept 9-5 and then ate and fell back to sleep till 7.  This I like.  Keep it up! 
For your 12 week birthday and right before Mommy went back to work you got your ears pierced.  You were already having a rough week with your teeth (oh yeah you must be getting some teeth and suck on your hands all the time) so I figured it was as good as time as any.  You actually did really well and after the initial piercing you had no problem with them and you seem to be doing better with your teething. 

We have had lots of outings and fun especially before Mommy went back to work.  Mommy misses you lots when I am at work and can't wait to see you!  I'll tell you again, DON"T GROW UP TOO FAST PLEASE!  Love you tons!