Friday, October 5, 2012

2 and 4 and a half

I feel like I haven't updated all the craziness that is Irelyn lately so I thought I would try and document a little of Irelyn Loraine at 2 and a half.
She is at the age that people ask her how old she is and she says "2 and 4 and a half".  I do not understand where the 4 comes from and correct here every time, but it continues.  She can count to ten just fine, but whenever asked how many of something there is she says "2,4,3".  Don't get it.

She continues to be a tall girl and built like her daddy.  She weighs around 35 lbs and is over 3 feet tall.  I now need to buy her 4T clothing or larger. 
Her vocabulary and the way she talks continues to amaze us and make us laugh all the time.  We believe she is very smart! (but what parent doesn't?)
She has no real interest in anything on TV.  She loves her specific movies though.  At the moment her favorites continue to be Shrek 1-3, Monsters Inc., Despicable Me, and briefly we had a run of Tangled.  I am considering taking her to a movie in the theater for the first time sometime soon.
She is a picky eater, but bribery goes a long way.
She completed her second series of swimming lessons and did amazing.  She was one of the only ones in her class who loved to go underwater.  Child has very little fear, which is probably not a good thing.  Next up we are going to try a Mommy and Me dance class because she loves to dance and then I want to do swim lessons with Lyla.  At the moment I think I can only handle 1 class at a time.
She is really into playing with babies.  When I ask her what her baby's name is, no matter which baby, she calls her "Ellison Eberhardt".  She has very much taken to Lyla's middle name for some reason and I rarely ever use Lyla's middle name.
She wears NO diapers even at night time!
Irelyn can test my patience and be a little diva at times, but she makes life so interesting and fun. If one of the Grandmas comes to take her for awhile I miss her and her ridiculousness as soon as she is gone.   
On that note she is obsessed with both her Grandmas!  
Irelyn loves to be outside.  Loves shoes.  Hates to leave them on.
Overall, yes 2 can be a little challenging, but I am loving this age and the ever expanding vocabulary that comes with it and seeing the excitement on her face when we do new things and being able to take her to fun things and activities and having her tell me "I'm excited!" with the biggest grin on her face. Love it! Love her!

Just a quick update on little Lyla.  She is 6 months going on 7.  We finally got to the doctor for her 6 month well child visit.  She is in the 50th percentile for height and head which is still surprising to me because he sister was always much larger.  Her weight is in the 70%.  She is so close to crawling. Probably any day now!

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