Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What A Weekend

Yes, It's Tuesday and I am just getting around to writing about our little crazy weekend.

Friday night I went with Joe to his bowling league to hang out with girlfriends/wives of the guys.  I haven't been able to go in a long time so it was a nice little night out.

Saturday morning Irelyn and I were going to go to Downtown Days in La Crosse for painting pumpkins, watching performers, old fashioned photos and what not, but the weather was so mad I doubt anything happened.  We stayed home in the morning and I went with my mom and sister to a craft show during nap then ran to Target. 
I got home and Joe and Irelyn ran to the mall so Joe could do something with video games...
Lyla and I were just hanging out and playing.  After I while I was holding her on my lap and we were kissing and she was chewing on my face she moved to my ear and her I pulled her away to find her choking briefly.  I got really scared and ended up tipping her down and hitting her back.  Didn't even have time to think.  But she was fine and smiling within a few seconds, but after feeling my ear I knew she swallowed my earring.  After a brief freak out and Joe getting home exactly at the same time, I calmed down and we thought she would just pass it, but called the nurse line just to be sure.  I left a message and we decided to make dinner and carve a pumpkin.  The nurse called back shortly and said we needed to go to the ER. 

I drove Lyla down and everything went really fast at first we went right through to the triage nurse and then right back to the ER room and the doctor walked right in.  He just said first we needed an x-ray.  So we waited a little while for that and then the very nice x-ray man came to get us.  Lyla did great and we took a fast x-ray which immediately showed the earring.  (still made I never asked to see it).  Then the really long wait came with only brief interactions with the nurse who knew nothing and the doctor who was waiting for the peds GI doctor to tell him what to do.  Apparently there was discussion about which was more risky- leaving it or an endoscopy.  Ultimately it was more risky to perform an endoscopy on a 7 month old and they decided to let it pass- Thank God.  Which it did on Monday.  About 2.5 hours all and all at the ER and Lyla did awesome!  I knew she was going to get tired and most likely a little hungry and I started to freak out a little when they told me I couldn't feed her in case they needed to go in and get it, but again she did awesome.  A little antsy, but no crying!

Sunday I took Irelyn to church.  She was so sad when I left to take Lyla the night before and wanted me to stay home soo bad it broke my heart.  I knew she needed some Mommy time.  She was quite cute.  She ended up sitting in the pew in front of me with some girl we didn't even know.  She was about 8 or 9 and slowly Irelyn moved closer and closer to her and eventually even laid her head on her shoulder.  I have never seen her do anything like this, except she does take to 19-20 year old boys quite well.

After church we went home and picked up Dad and Lyla and went to meet my cousin and his girlfriend and Fat Sam's in downtown La Crosse.  We had never been there and it was good.  Joe really enjoyed it.  Me being the picky eater that I am thought it was just okay.

After naps we went to Texas Roadhouse with G&G Eberhardt.  Irelyn's cold was raging by this point and she didn't eat anything and when she did try she put too much corn in her mouth and threw it up into a napkin in my hands.  Other than that it was good.  Lyla was awesome as usual and the food was very good.  

And to end this interesting weekend the Packers had any AMAZING game after a bunch of disappointing loses!!

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