Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day in the Life...

As I said yesterday on Facebook..."If Irelyn was this good everyday, I'd have 10 kids.  It was a good day."

She cried maybe twice.  Not even when I took things away from her that she shouldn't have (the money from the piggy bank mainly) or stopped on activity before she was ready (playing with the faucet). 

I know this will be boring for some of you, but I wanted to document a whole day to read sometime down the road and look back on. As is the reason I write most these posts.  So it may be long and overly detailed and I don't mind if you don't read til the end....

A day in the life...
It's Wednesday, my day off. It started at about 6:40 AM when Irelyn woke up.  Joe got up to go shower.  I listened to Irelyn talk to herself for a little while and smiled before going in and getting her.  I changed her and then Joe came back to give her breakfast while I showered.  I was able to get mainly all ready before he left for work.  We then played or read books until 8:45.  I brought her car in from outside as it is way too hot to play outside (there is a heat advisory).

At 8:45 we left to run errands.  Kohl's was first.  I had a $10 coupon that had to be used in store.  I really couldn't find anything in the store that I wanted or needed, but it was 10 free dollars.  So, I ended up getting Irelyn a few clothes for the fall.  Next was Target.  I have had my eye on a lamp for her new room.  The last time we were in there they didn't have it.  It was back, but complex- they also had another one I liked.  It looked more like a chandelier. I ended up buying the purple one with ruffles, but still not sure if I will exchange it.  Maybe I will post both later and you all can help me decide.  But, I will also have to maybe show you a sneak peek of her future room.  It is almost done!  Besides moving the furniture from room to room, but that isn't necessary yet.  I also picked up chapstick and Irelyn picked out fish crackers.  We couldn't even get to the checkout before she needed to eat them :). 
It was 9:40 when we left.  Crap.  The mall is our next stop and its not open yet.  But, Barnes and Noble is.  We went and looked at books for awhile.  Irelyn has had a $5 gift card since Easter.  She clearly had a favorite book and it was $6.  Score.  It was of course a book with lots of pictures of animals.   Her favorite.  On to Gymboree to spend the Gymbucks.  I had $25, but you had to spend $50 or more to get $25 off.  I made the mistake of letting Irelyn out of the stroller.  Fail.  She ran all over, but thankfully stayed in the store.  She did finally settle on the little chairs atleast for a little while. The sales lady there is always so nice.  I had picked out my purchase which included a pair of jeans.  (Side note.  I can't believe baby jeans cost as much as adult jeans and they typically only wear them a few months. ) Anyway, the lady pointed out the jeans were buy one get one half off so I ended up with another pair of jeans along with 2 headbands, a tank top, and swim suit that I hope will fit next year. 
We left there and Irelyn needed her diaper changed.  Walked by the pretzel stand.  Free samples.  Another score.  Went in family changing room, after changing Irelyn, I go the bathroom.  Irelyn figures out how to open the door.  Another fail. 
On the way out, the DQ sign catches my eye.  To be fair, I haven't indulged in a Moolatte in awhile.  I stand there trying to decide, and finally give in to temptation.  The lady presents with my yummy French Vanilla Moolatte.  I realize it is smaller and cost less.  This still makes me very happy.  It is the perfect size!  Giant score.
Home for lunch.  Chicken tenders.  Irelyn doesn't eat well, but doesn't throw a fit and doesn't act hungry later (which is what really bothers me about her not eating) so I still consider lunch a partial success.  Side note- She has ate well since then. 
Play a little bit and then nap time.  Sleeps almost 2 hours.  Wakes up happy and we play/ read more.  Dad calls.  Wants meatballs for supper.  No BBQ sauce.  Irelyn and I run to the store for milk and BBQ sauce.  What a combo.  We need alot more than that, but I am not doing all that at the moment.
Home.  Put meatballs in crock pot.  More playing until dad comes home. 
A few friends and I had been planning to take the kids to the Onalaska pool for the night session all week.  Dad decides he would like to come as well.  Irelyn eats a PB&J sandwich.  Joe and I have to wait til after we get back for our meatballs. 
We had a great time at the pool.  It was still so hot even after the sun starts to set.  The water felt great.  Irelyn enjoys playing in the water and even goes down the little water slide once. I tried to go with her, but realized I really won't fit well, so I sent her down by herself and Nikki caught her at the bottom.  She is only slightly terrified :). 

Left pool about 8.  Home for bed.  Irelyn talks to herself for awhile as she is most likely still wound up from having fun at the pool.  She settles to sleep.  I am very tired.  Watch a little TV and check my facebook.  Read and then bed.  The good part of my book (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) seems to be over so I am now having a hard time finishing the rest.  Almost done.  Then on to Janet Evanich's Smokin Seventeen.

If you made it to the end of this- good for you!  I chose to write about a day off even though alot of days I do work. Those days are pretty much all the same.  About the same morning routine.  Irelyn goes across the street.  I work at the hospital, which I enjoy.  Joe works on computers all day (and night).  Pick Irelyn up.  Supper. Play. Bath. Bed.  With the occasional evening activity. 

I had today (Thursday, the day after the above day) off as well.  It consisted of Children's Museum and grocery shopping.  And a looong nap for both Irelyn and I. 

So there is your glimpse into our ever glamorous life!  It may not be everyone's idea of fun, but I wouldn't change it for the world!  Irelyn is the greatest joy in my life and I love every minute spent with her!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wednesday, my MIL wanted to take Irelyn and me to Lark Toys.  We invited my mom to come along as well.  It is a cute place with old fashioned toys, and hand carved beautiful Carousel, ice cream, llamas, and large toy store.  We got there and had to wake Irelyn up.  The carousel goes every half hour and was about to go as we got there so my mom and I got on right away with Irelyn.  She got scared and would not ride on the animal, so I held her.
First time around before it started
Afterwards we sat on the side and played for a little while.  She kept pointing and trying to get back on the carousel.  The nice employees let us get on when it wasn't moving and she loved looking and sitting on all the animals. 
watching with Grandma

Trying out the pig

Irelyn LOVES bears

We got some ice cream and tried the carousel again with much more success the second time around. 
We then spent quite a bit of time in the toy store.  They had open toys off the shelves to play with and
 Irelyn had a great time!
The second time around

The toys I remembered from the 80s

The next night we went to the fair in West Salem where Irelyn got to ride another carousel! 

She did really well this time, but the ride got a little long so we eventually sat down on the bench.  We went with a friend and her 2 daughters and the kids were all so cute together.
Joe cut off everyone else in the picture- oops

I thought Irelyn would love the animals, but she was scared to get too close to large animals (cows and horses).  She did like the bunnies and chickens.  The pigs were so-so for her.  I loved them!  The owner of some of the pigs let us in a pen to pet a pig.  Irelyn touched it and then started to cry :(.  Next year I think she will really enjoy the animals and maybe be able to do some more rides! 

Tonight we are trying taking her to a Logger's baseball game.  I'm guessing I won't see much of the game because she will be running around, but we'll see.  Wish us luck!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planning a Vacation!

I booked our rental cabin today!

It is set we are going to Bayfield in August for a long weekend. 

My sister moved up north a few months ago and would like us to come see her.  She said the Bayfield area is nicer than where she is at, so we are meeting there.  I researched it for a few days and asked some people at work.  It is highly recommended by some co-workers and looks beautiful  The only part I am worried about is the 5 hour car ride (x2) with an active 15 month old.  But, we will be riding with my mom so that should help with the entertainment.  It won't be all on me while Joe drives.  So, I am excited!  Like I said, its not a long vacation, but I still think it will be nice and fun. 

That's all for now.  Joe and I are just hanging out after our dinner and mini golf while Irelyn spends the night at Grandma Shari's. 

Have a great weekend!


Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I have ALOT of pictures from this weekend, but I will keep this relatively short and sweet.

Saturday was our buddy Caleb's birthday full of Spiderman and swimming.
Daddy and Iley.  He always seems to have trouble looking at cameras.

hanging out in the "kiddie pool"

Big girl eating with all her friends

Caleb open our present

Sunday myself and the grandmas took Irelyn to Riverfest.  Yes, I have to admit I entered my baby in the baby races.  She places 3rd in her heat, but if there was a photo finish I would have liked to see it.  The top 2 went on to the final. And of course the 2 they called the winners were standing right in front of the judges and we were on the other side.  Doesn't matter she did great.  Ran right over to us and it was fun to watch all the babies.  Then, we tried her out on the train ride.  Didn't know if she was old enough or would freak out, but again she did great and loved it.  It made me think once again how fast she is growing up.  Watching her ride off on the train :). 
Baby Racin'!!

My girl- growing up too fast

Having a blast on the train.  The conductor was so sweet and told us to have her sit in the front just in case so he could watch her.  Aww

Nikki watched Irelyn later that night and Joe and I went back down to Riverfest with our parents for Joe's parent's 35th wedding anniversary.  We watched their neighbor's band, The Executives, and I was brave enough to go up on stage to play cow bell for a t-shirt.

Today, Monday, the 4th of July, we hung out at home and Irelyn went in the pool with the "water slide" this time.  After nap we went back down to the fest.  Hot! But, lots of fun. 
We also watched the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, maybe some day Irelyn will win a watermelon eating contest.  She wailed when I made her stop.

Our little happy family

This little girl was a sucker for all the "fair" food.

No fireworks (except for Sara's tasty cookies) for us this year.  Saw a few here and there on the drive home last night.  Maybe next year we'll stay and watch. 
After we ate most of them.  I love the firework decorations.  Such a cute idea!

Happy 4th!