Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wednesday, my MIL wanted to take Irelyn and me to Lark Toys.  We invited my mom to come along as well.  It is a cute place with old fashioned toys, and hand carved beautiful Carousel, ice cream, llamas, and large toy store.  We got there and had to wake Irelyn up.  The carousel goes every half hour and was about to go as we got there so my mom and I got on right away with Irelyn.  She got scared and would not ride on the animal, so I held her.
First time around before it started
Afterwards we sat on the side and played for a little while.  She kept pointing and trying to get back on the carousel.  The nice employees let us get on when it wasn't moving and she loved looking and sitting on all the animals. 
watching with Grandma

Trying out the pig

Irelyn LOVES bears

We got some ice cream and tried the carousel again with much more success the second time around. 
We then spent quite a bit of time in the toy store.  They had open toys off the shelves to play with and
 Irelyn had a great time!
The second time around

The toys I remembered from the 80s

The next night we went to the fair in West Salem where Irelyn got to ride another carousel! 

She did really well this time, but the ride got a little long so we eventually sat down on the bench.  We went with a friend and her 2 daughters and the kids were all so cute together.
Joe cut off everyone else in the picture- oops

I thought Irelyn would love the animals, but she was scared to get too close to large animals (cows and horses).  She did like the bunnies and chickens.  The pigs were so-so for her.  I loved them!  The owner of some of the pigs let us in a pen to pet a pig.  Irelyn touched it and then started to cry :(.  Next year I think she will really enjoy the animals and maybe be able to do some more rides! 

Tonight we are trying taking her to a Logger's baseball game.  I'm guessing I won't see much of the game because she will be running around, but we'll see.  Wish us luck!

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