Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I have ALOT of pictures from this weekend, but I will keep this relatively short and sweet.

Saturday was our buddy Caleb's birthday full of Spiderman and swimming.
Daddy and Iley.  He always seems to have trouble looking at cameras.

hanging out in the "kiddie pool"

Big girl eating with all her friends

Caleb open our present

Sunday myself and the grandmas took Irelyn to Riverfest.  Yes, I have to admit I entered my baby in the baby races.  She places 3rd in her heat, but if there was a photo finish I would have liked to see it.  The top 2 went on to the final. And of course the 2 they called the winners were standing right in front of the judges and we were on the other side.  Doesn't matter she did great.  Ran right over to us and it was fun to watch all the babies.  Then, we tried her out on the train ride.  Didn't know if she was old enough or would freak out, but again she did great and loved it.  It made me think once again how fast she is growing up.  Watching her ride off on the train :). 
Baby Racin'!!

My girl- growing up too fast

Having a blast on the train.  The conductor was so sweet and told us to have her sit in the front just in case so he could watch her.  Aww

Nikki watched Irelyn later that night and Joe and I went back down to Riverfest with our parents for Joe's parent's 35th wedding anniversary.  We watched their neighbor's band, The Executives, and I was brave enough to go up on stage to play cow bell for a t-shirt.

Today, Monday, the 4th of July, we hung out at home and Irelyn went in the pool with the "water slide" this time.  After nap we went back down to the fest.  Hot! But, lots of fun. 
We also watched the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, maybe some day Irelyn will win a watermelon eating contest.  She wailed when I made her stop.

Our little happy family

This little girl was a sucker for all the "fair" food.

No fireworks (except for Sara's tasty cookies) for us this year.  Saw a few here and there on the drive home last night.  Maybe next year we'll stay and watch. 
After we ate most of them.  I love the firework decorations.  Such a cute idea!

Happy 4th!


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