Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15 months

First of, Irelyn if you are ever reading this, I apologize for today!

I scheduled Irelyn's 15 month well check up and 15 month pictures on the same day by accident.  Being that I work and it is summer and we are busy, I didn't want to cancel or reschedule either one.  So, we did both. One right after the other. Yes, I am nuts.  (and the pics came after the doctor. fail)

The doctor visit actually went well.  Irelyn remains in the 97 percentile for height and weight.  Height, 32 3/4! And weight 28 lbs.  Proportionate- as they like to tell me :).  Her head is 18 3/4 and in the 90th percentile.  She had hives a few days ago that came and went periodically for 3 days and we haven't seem them since.  If they return we are just supposed to document what she was doing at that time otherwise no big deal.  She is a normal 15 month old. She could/should be talking a little more, but the doctor thinks the same thing I do, she can she just chooses not to sometimes.  Things I am going to work on- weaning paci and being better about brushing her teeth.  Shots and out.  Quick and not to painful.

Then, we went to get pictures done.  We purchased a year package with the photographer and this was our last session for that.  We did 15 months because we did not do Maternity pictures with this photographer.  I also am going to apologize to Sarah Peterson, the photographer, at this time.  She did a great job with Irelyn and still came away with what I hope are good pictures, but Irelyn was a big stinker (for lack of a better term).  I feel bad.  She was tired and hungry and hot and she wanted to play on her terms because she is 15 months old! So that was kind of painful to get through, but oh well.  She'll never remember it ;).

So, at 15 months my little Iley pie loves to explore everything and is really starting to push her boundaries.  She's independent, but still likes to be held and sit on our laps. She will no longer wake up and go back to sleep with me to sleep in in the mornings we don't have to get up.  It's too exciting to be with mommy and she won't settle back down to sleep.  She lays down without much fuss at all for nap between 12-1 and sleeps 2-3 hours.  Bedtime is 8 (or a little after). She loves to play outside, especially in water.  He says a few words, mainly, Hi, Da, Ma, Ow, Wow. And babbles a ton of other sounds.  Oh she also started say "Was his" which means "what's this."  She runs and has great motor skills.  Starting to climb.  She has a fascination with chairs and loves to climb in and sit in chairs that are her size.  She enjoys babies, and balls, her ride in car, playing with Bella, playing in laundry baskets, and BOOKS.  Also, starting to like and play with stuffed animals more.  She is becoming more difficult to take out to eat and shopping because she wants to run all over. However, I love that I can now plan activities and take her places that she may enjoy, like the pool, library, splash park, fair, and museum.  I also really want to get to the zoo this year yet.  She is still a picky eater, but dare I say a little better.

We have been doing lots of fun things and have many more planned that I'm sure I will write about later!

Have a great day!

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