Friday, June 3, 2011

Sweet Summertime

I feel like I have a few things I want to write about and am not quite sure where to start.  It has been a fun and busy couple of weeks.  I am loving having a toddler who can now enjoy alot of outdoor activities.  It is amazing just to stand back and watch her amazement and joy in all that she sees.

I'll start with our mini vacation up north.  We went to stay at a friend of the family's cabin with my in-laws and their friend's and their daughter and husband and 1 month old baby. It was surreal because we did the same thing last year when Irelyn was only 2 months old and I just kept thinking how much things change in a year and how fast she has grown.
Irelyn of course got a little off schedule and had a little hard time sleeping in a strange place.  And okay, so did I.  I also had a hard time sleeping in the same room as her.  Every time she moved I think I woke up. But, during the day she had a great time.  She played with her babies and stroller and looked out at all the birds most of the time during the day.  Time just seemed to go by fast and yet there was not much worry about what time it was or anything that really needed to get done.  And no tv or computer either, which you wouldn't think I would enjoy, but I did.  So, we ended up leaving a little early because of the lack of sleep and instead of sleeping and getting up in the morning to pack and come home we just left at Irelyn's bedtime and drove that night.  It was really nice for all of us to be back in our own beds.  And because we came home early we were then able to through together and impromptu grill out on Memorial Day with a few friends.  A great weekend all in all!

I only had to work Tuesday and then had the rest of the week off!  (I always have Wednesday off and because I work the next weekend I have Thursday and Friday off)
Wednesday Irelyn and I got up and did the 2 mile walk with my mother-in-law Shari's school.  We also did this last year when Irelyn was tiny tiny. She is retiring this year so this was probably the last time.  The kids just loved up on Irelyn.  It was so cute I had to take pictures of all the attention.  Shari has pictures up of her on the SmartBoard all the time so I think they feel like they know her.  I did hear a "She's bigger in real person"- so precious.

Thursday we went to a rummage sale at my grade school.  I've been wanting to get her a toy lawn mower just because she likes to play outside so much and we need more outdoor toys and I thought she would enjoy that. Found one for 50 cents!  Can't beat that. 

Friday we met my mom for breakfast and took it to go to Copeland Park.  We played on the playground and then changed Irelyn into her suit to try out the splash park.  She LOVED it!  She has been sleeping since we left almost 3 hours ago.  Yay!!

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