Tuesday, May 31, 2011

14 months

Irelyn at 14 months....

* Walking has now turned to running
*Loves to dance and will dance along to dancing with the stars or any music that is playing
*Really enjoys the outdoors and will sometimes cry when brought back in
*Loves babies and pushing them in her toy stroller
*Has turned into a picky eater
*Eats any and every kind of fruit
*Enjoys hot dogs, pizza, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly
*Wears 18-24, 2T, and some 3T clothes
*Is starting to mimic sounds and actions
*"Talks" alot and making more and more sounds.  Real words I'm sure are not far away
*Is able to point out her belly, ears, nose, eyes, and mouth when asked
*Still enjoys phones, but not quite as obsessive
*Says "Hi" when putting a phone to her ear
*Loves sitting on, hugging, laying on and kissing Bella (dog)
*Climbs up steps, but unable to figure out how to go down without help.  She tries so hard though!
*Has her purple blankie and a musical pig as her lovies.  And her babies as well, but she doesn't sleep with them
*No interest in television.  Never sits still long enough to even care
*Brown Bear, Brown Bear is current favorite book
*Can point out Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma in pictures
*Has first real diaper rash this month
*Sleeps approximately 8-6:30 and naps 1 time a day
*Plays "tag" with mommy and belly laughs the whole time
*Pretty much only ticklish on her neck

*Amazes me everyday and is turning into a real toddler rather than a baby!

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