Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adult Weekend

Every now and then Joe and I need a little time with other adults.  I don't remember any other time we have done this, so apparently its been awhile or never.  I have never been away from Irelyn for more than a day I believe.  Still haven't. Joe has, but I have not.  This past weekend we went to Milwaukee to see some friends and go to a Brewer game.  We had a a great time!  I realized it really is necessary for many reasons to get out and do things like that every now and then.  It was also great to come home and see my baby!!  (except for the tornado)
We are traveling again this weekend WITH Irelyn. It still requires alot of packing for one little person, but as she gets older and older the packing gets easier and doesn't require as much.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE not having bottles and formula!!
Anyway, looking forward to a great weekend and will let you know how it goes next week!

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