Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Randoms- Carpet and Parade

Today was supposed to be a nice little "me" day.  That didn't happen.

It is Wednesday, my typical day off from work to spend with Irelyn.  This Wednesday I decided she would spend the day at daycare since we were getting carpet installed downstairs.  I figured I could get alot done and just take a little time to relax while they installed it.  I can't remember the last time I was really alone. I hoped to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done. I woke up with a bad headache as it was.  Then, we had quite a few problems with the carpet and the carpet people.  To put it simply-  It sucked.  But, the bedrooms are done now and the rest will now not get done on Monday.  On the bright side, the bedrooms look really nice.
Once I calmed down and took a little rest, my headache got better.  I needed to get out for awhile so Joe meet me for lunch.  Then, retail therapy :).  My favorite kind of therapy.

Here is Irelyn's future room with the new paint and carpet!

And this room that finally now feels like a room and not a storage area. 

To back track a little this past weekend while Joe was working on painting, moving furniture, and ripping out carpet I took Irelyn to her Great-Grandma's in Westby for the Sytendae Mai parade.  It is an annual tradition.  We had a great time this year.  Last year she was less than 2 months old and slept through the parade.  It was fun to see what a difference a year makes.  She watched every float go by, waved at the princesses, danced to the bands, and laughed at the horses.  It was really stinken cute :). 
Big girl in big girl chair

Hanging with Grandma Trinie

So popular.  Got lots of candy, beads, and fish crackers!

Watching the band
Before the parade at Great-Grandma Betty's

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