Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

I gave up on trying to squeeze into most my regular pants and put on maternity pants today.  I found some really cute jean ones at Kohl's last night. 

I also gave in and decided to park in the "expectant mothers" parking at Festival.  No, I don't really need it, but I had Irelyn and we were just running in for one thing so I briefly parked there.

I also also gave in and joined Pinterest.  I know I will most likely become addicted.  But, everyone at work was doing it, so I jumped on that bandwagon. :)

Irelyn started saying her own name about 2 weeks ago.  She refers to herself as "Iley".  I think this is cute, because that is a name that Joe and I have called her since birth.  Not all the time, but periodically. I think it is now catching on with others.  I don't care what name she goes by.

Irelyn has started looking at the camera, smiling, and saying "cheese" on command (when in a good mood ;)).  I love it!
Here she is today when I asked her to smile for mama!

I think I have the only child who is OBSESSED with the wolf from Shrek 2.  Yes the wolf who has about 15 seconds of air time.  She calls it "wolf nigh night" because he is laying in Fiona's bed.  She also knows most the other characters.  She wants to to watch it ALL the time, but mainly only until the wolf part.  And then that part over and over.
Watching Shrek 2 so contently

I decided on and ordered baby #2's bedding.  Trying to spread out the purchases of the things we still need- crib, dresser, recliner, and double stroller. 

I finally got a smart phone! It takes surprising nice pictures and the photoshop app is pretty cool as well.  But, I haven't figured out how to get them on my computer yet :/.

We had a great day.  We had lunch with Grandma Trinie and Aunt Rachel.  Then it was nice enough out to play at the park across form Blue Moon with Rachel for awhile.  Long nap.  Then supper with Grandma Shari and Becky.

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

We found out the gender of our baby on Wednesday morning, October 12.  I invited our parents and my sister over for dinner that night to share with them.  I decided to make a cake and have the inside either be pink or blue so they would not know until the cake was cut.  I bought a few decorations a few days before we found out so I would remain neutral.  I needed to talk to my mom and mother and law throughout the day and it was hard to not let anything slip.  Let alone my friends trying to get it out of me. But, I did it I kept it a secret.  They even tried to get it out of Irelyn. (she told them "boy"), but of course no one knew if they could trust her. I cooked manicotti for dinner and then we quickly got to dessert :).
P.S. yes I know this is a little corny...
The decorations

Finished product

Little Miss trying to get the cake and M&Ms
Cutting the cake....IT'S PINK!

Mmmm Cake!

More M&Ms please

I bought the new little lady a little present right after leaving the doctor.  Irelyn calls her "seester."
My mom brought me this book that she used to pick my sister and my names. It has some interesting names....
I also have to share- I baked a second cake to take to work for the same type of reveal.  It was again difficult to wait until the next day to tell them, but so fun.  We cut it first thing and there was about 10 or more of my wonderful lady co-workers gathered around yelling "I see blue, I see pink" and they were all so excited.  I have wonderful co-workers and friends!

Welcome to the family baby girl!  We are so happy and excited to meet you!  P.S. you don't have a name yet :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ultrasound Eve

Well, tomorrow is the day planning gets kicked into high gear.  So far I have put most things off "till I know what we are having".  We find out tomorrow during our ultrasound.  I've said before I do not care what the gender is.  But....
It would be easier and cheaper to have a girl.  Since both babies will most likely be born in March all the girl clothing we have should be able to be used for this baby, unless of course this baby is not a little giant. :).  I also think it would be nice to have a girl so Irelyn and her would be really close (eventually) and- hopefully forever.  We also would not need to paint a room or decorate a whole other room.  But.......
A boy would be wonderful as well.  We already have a girl, so obviously having the other gender would be nice.  Joe would never admit it, but I think he wants a boy.  I think it would be nice to have a boy because I have always been surrounded by girls.  I am a girl (obviously), I have 1 sister and no brothers, most my friends are girls (obviously again), most of my cousins are girls, and I have a daughter. I think a lot of our friends and family would like to see us have a boy.  I keep hearing the "to carry on the family name."
Either way, I love the ultrasound! I love seeing the baby.  It makes things seem much more real!  Although this time around I have already been feeling the baby move and with Irelyn I had not yet when we had our ultrasound.  Feeling the baby is also one of the greatest things about pregnancy and makes it feel very real when in the beginning you aren't really showing and don't feel anything it is hard to "feel" pregnant.  At least it was for me.
And of course my biggest prayer is for a healthy baby! And if for some reason something is wrong I promise to do everything in my power to help this baby and love it just the same!

My belly is protruding more and more.  I told Joe when I was laying on my side the other day it was starting to pull and felt like it needed to be supported.  I said I shouldn't complain now, because this is just the beginning.  Then, I pointed out it actually is getting close to half way, but the second half is when when things get more uncomfortable.  His response- a blunt- "it's not that bad".  EXCUSE ME?? And you know this how?  When is the last time you gained and carried 30 extra pounds straight out in front of you?  Again I say- MEN!

Joe and I were reminiscing about how the only thing on at 3:00am when we were up feeding Irelyn when she was a newborn was infomercials. It was terribly boring and I dreaded the nighttime feedings. For the heck of it, I scrolled through the channels to see what was on at 3:00am tonight.  Seems like much more channels are staying on all night! Yeah for us!

PS: random note I want to have a record of.  Irelyn told us tonight she had to poop and ran to her potty.  I put her on but she wouldn't go.  She would however stand next to it and poop and the sit with her diaper still on.  She did this twice.  (apparently there was more left after the first push).  Sorry for the TMI :).

I have planned a little "gender reveal" party for our families tomorrow night and another little thing for my co-workers so I will let the "internet world" know Thursday night!! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Irelyn's 18 Month Stats

This morning we went to the pediatrician for Irelyn's check up.  She did very well.  The doctor was impressed by her vocabulary.  She opened the book she gave her and pointed out a "goat".  She looked at me and said "did she just say goat?" "Why does she know the word goat?"  Why wouldn't she know the word goat?  She loves animals.   Later when we were at Target she pointed out a witch and I am not really sure how she knows that word. 
Playing ghost

Anyway, I knew her growing had slowed, but I thought she would have normalized a little on the charts.  Wrong.  She is now OFF the charts.  She weighs 30 lbs., which I knew.  And they measured her at 35 1/2 inches long.  I think this is wrong!  I didn't say much when we were there because it all happened kind of fast.  I did mention I couldn't believe that, but I think they thought I was just saying that.  I really don't believe it.  I measured her when we got home at a little over 33 inches.  I know she is a very tall girl, but she is not 3 feet tall.  I have measured her at the Children's Museum and the Apple Orchard.  Here is a picture from last weekend and she has shoes on!  They also measured her wrong at birth.  Why is my daughter's height so hard to do??

We had a fun day today.  Doctor, Target, checking out new phones, lunch at Fazoli's where Irelyn charmed the lady working there.  She kept coming back to our table to talk to her and brought Irelyn a free big cookie (which she didn't eat).  We recently got back from a fun little Bridal Shower/Going away party.  Irelyn had fun and learned how to jump on the bed from the 2 year olds. :)
Irelyn, Ellie, and Bella