Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

We found out the gender of our baby on Wednesday morning, October 12.  I invited our parents and my sister over for dinner that night to share with them.  I decided to make a cake and have the inside either be pink or blue so they would not know until the cake was cut.  I bought a few decorations a few days before we found out so I would remain neutral.  I needed to talk to my mom and mother and law throughout the day and it was hard to not let anything slip.  Let alone my friends trying to get it out of me. But, I did it I kept it a secret.  They even tried to get it out of Irelyn. (she told them "boy"), but of course no one knew if they could trust her. I cooked manicotti for dinner and then we quickly got to dessert :).
P.S. yes I know this is a little corny...
The decorations

Finished product

Little Miss trying to get the cake and M&Ms
Cutting the cake....IT'S PINK!

Mmmm Cake!

More M&Ms please

I bought the new little lady a little present right after leaving the doctor.  Irelyn calls her "seester."
My mom brought me this book that she used to pick my sister and my names. It has some interesting names....
I also have to share- I baked a second cake to take to work for the same type of reveal.  It was again difficult to wait until the next day to tell them, but so fun.  We cut it first thing and there was about 10 or more of my wonderful lady co-workers gathered around yelling "I see blue, I see pink" and they were all so excited.  I have wonderful co-workers and friends!

Welcome to the family baby girl!  We are so happy and excited to meet you!  P.S. you don't have a name yet :)

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