Friday, December 30, 2011


We had a very nice Christmas spent with family.  Irelyn got stuck on saying "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas."  Correction, I should say she got stuck on yelling that. 
We spent Christmas Eve as we normally do in Westby with my Grandma and my dad's side of the family. Christmas Eve night was church and back to my mom's house for more fun with family.  I had planned to make cookies with her and do the whole plate of cookies and milk for Santa (and carrots for reindeer) even though I knew she wouldn't really understand, but we got home too late and much passed bedtime to do that, so I continue to look forward to starting that tradition with her next year.  Also, after our run in with Santa at the rotary lights (I made her sit on his lap for a picture), she was not exactly happy when I mentioned Santa was coming to her house.  "NOOO".
Christmas day was at home with my parents, my sister, Rachel, and the 3 of us.  My mom, sister, and I are not exactly known for cooking skills, but I think it was a great meal and great day overall!  Irelyn held up really well through all the festivities.  It was great to see her rip into her presents this year, but she didn't really care about what was inside until much later.  It was just present to present and then "more presents" until she finally got distracted by some toys.
 Some of her favorite presents were a real camera (pretty much indestructible) from Great Aunt Sara, a cash register from Mama and Daddy, a puzzle with locks from Santa, and a play kitchen with pizza and fruit from Grandma and Grandpa Mac. Oh, and how could I forget Shrek 3 from Great Grandma!  She was definitely spoiled and has continued to move from toy to toy and loves them all! On Christmas day she left a few unopened so I saved those to take with to Joe's parents on the 27th.  Joe and I also received many great presents and are very thankful for everything.  As we continue to get older and expand are family it is definitely less and less about us and we are just excited to see Irelyn happy and enjoying herself.  The only bummer was Joe's mom was sick so we had to delay our Christmas with them a few days, but it all still turned out great.  Joe had a lot of time off of work and I had a couple extra days as well so we had a lot of nice family time.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!
AND...Happy New Year!
Love to all our friends and family!

And go hug your is precious....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

28 weeks

I am currently 28 weeks with baby girl #2.  I had been measuring one week ahead at my 2 previous appts. but am now measuring right on track.  I had my glucose test at 26 weeks, which was normal.  But, I also had blood work and I am again anemic during this pregnancy.  So, I have to take Iron supplements which I am not fond of.  They have said I will feel better and more awake, but so far I have noticed no difference and I am feeling even more tired lately.  At my 28 week appt. I had my rhogam shot due to my negative blood type.  Basically, I am A- and the baby may be A+ (which Irelyn and Joe are) and should our blood ever mix it would be bad.  And that is the very simplest of terms I will put it in.  Not a big deal as long as I have this shot.
We plan to attempt to get Iley in her new room this week and then I will start to change over her current room to the baby's room.  We will keep most of the same furniture in it, but I want to redecorate as much as I can (without painting) so Iley understands this is no longer her room and still has a lot of her same things in her new room.  Fingers crossed all goes well!
Irelyn is almost 21 months old.  She had a rough weekend and we were pretty concerned we had hit some hard core terrible twos.  She was throwing fits over every little thing.  But, we stuck to our rules and what we said and let her throw her fits until she was done and now, knock on wood, she has been GREAT for the past 2 days.  I am also very proud of her because she went to bed tonight without a pacifier which makes for 24 hours without one. She didn't even ask for it! It has (for the most part) been a night time only thing for a while now.  Not too long ago did we give up using it in the car.  I felt it was safer for her to have it in the car than to be distracting while we were driving.  I am a little nervous with her going to her new bed and room AND no paci, but hopefully all will be fine.  And one way or another I know we will figure it out.
She continues to periodically potty train herself.  She is stubborn and if she does not want to go on the potty, she won't, and if she does, she will go both #1 and #2 depending.
She just started saying, okay rather yelling, Merry Christmas today as well as "Santa, ho, ho, ho".  Very cute.  She has had the opportunity to open a few presents from people and has really gotten into ripping the paper off to see what's inside, looks at the item and then says "more presents".  So, now we need to work on thankfulness, generosity, and patience.
And the Shrek obsession has now moved to Elmo.  She still talks about Shrek alot, but does not ask or really even want to watch it.  Mainly asks to watch Elmo.  
I shared this picture on facebook already but, I too find it pretty cute of little miss and wanted to include it here as well. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Cont.

We decorated the tree the day after we got it.  Iley wasn't too helpful.  I think she was still confused why would put a dead tree in our house and put strange looking ornaments on it.  She mainly wanted to play with an ornament that my mother-in-law just gave me of a pregnant lady :).  Then she started just pulling ornaments off.   She finally got the hang of it and threw them back on.  Here are some pics of my favorite ornaments, just SOME I have a lot more that I LOVE.  My camera battery actually died while I was taking the pictures too. 

Only 11 more days till Christmas! 
I should probably finish my shopping and start some wrapping.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Today we were finally able to go cut down our tree!  Joe has a tradition in his family to cut one down, so he refused to go to a lot.  Since I worked last weekend and we couldn't go during the week, we had to wait until today.  It was cold, but a nice day.  Irelyn clearly was a little out of her element.  She must not remember last winter, because she is still a little leery of the snow.  It was a little difficult because she just wanted to be carried (by me of course) for the first part and you have to walk a little ways to get to the trees.  She is not light and I am pregnant so carrying her over hills of snow is not the easiest thing to do.  Luckily she warmed up to the idea of riding in the sled and enjoyed it.  Grandma Shari was along to get their tree as well.  Overall, good time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 months

I can't believe how grown up my little peanut is getting!  She is so chatty and smart and funny.  It's absolutely amazing how her language exploded from 18 months to now.  She talks in sentences and uses verbs and adjectives and pronouns.  She does still talk about herself in the 3rd person alot, but I find that adorable. "Iley nigh night".  She understands stern looks and apologizes and doesn't get as upset when we say "no" as she used to.  However, she does test us and push boundaries and has required a time out, but only here and there.  For the most part she is pretty well behaved.  She is still a total Mama's girl.  We have moved from the obsession with Shrek 2 to now Shrek 1.  I probably still prefer the second one, but atleast there is partial variety.  Oh and her new favorite, after wolf, is dragon.  Seriously? Who's child is this?  Wolves and dragons?  No, it's cute.  She also loves purses and apparently play dress up every day at day care! One day I picked her up with 3 pony tails, a head band, and a couple clips in her barely there hair.  The hair has grown alot between 15 months and now.  It is starting to require a clip or pony tail to get out of her face, but she's not so fond of leaving things in her hair so that's a bit of a struggle.
We are taking the plunge and attempting to move her to her new room downstairs AND a big girl bed at the same time!  It is a twin bed set on a box spring on the floor.  So far she has started a nap in it and taken a full almost 3 hour nap.  She has not freaked out or tried to get out so.... so far so good.  We are starting with some naps and will try a overnight soon.  Daddy is a little more apprehensive then I am.  He says he might sleep on the couch in the family room downstairs the first couple of nights we do it for his own security which is fine by me! 
We attempted to go see Santa at the mall.  I had her all pumped up that day. I had just gotten out the Christmas decorations and she was all about the santa that sits on the floor.  She says "Hi Santa" when she walks by him.  I also put up the picture of her and Santa from last year. "Iley on Santa lap" and taught her "Santa nice".  It was a good time to go, there was no line and we got to talk to Santa and try to warm up to him for awhile, but still she would not let go of mama.  And did not want to  sit with Santa.  Not even for a Candy Cane! Oh well, maybe next year. I will have to add pictures of these activities tomorrow.
We did attend the rotary lights kick off parade and she loved that.  We then watched them turn on the lights.  It was neat to see, but very busy so we did not stay.  I hope to go back sometime before Christmas to walk around.  She loves all the Christmas lights we see on houses.  Every time we pass a house with lights she says "more lights!".
We have attended a class at the Children's Museum the past 3 Wednesdays and will continue through December.  It's called "Wee move" but I basically call it "dance class" it is mainly a dance along to silly songs class.  She loves it! We video taped one and it is hilarious! Girl has got moves! I still claim she was born a dancer.  I look forward to enrolling her in a real dance class when she is old enough. 

I think her sister may also be a dancer or a gymnast because man does that kid move around inside me!  I don't remember exactly with Irelyn, but I am only 26 weeks (tomorrow) and I already am having difficulty breathing deep, picking up Iley, I have acid reflux, (which I do not remember ever having with Irelyn) and difficulty sleeping.  I feel like she is going to fall right out of me sometimes and I have to pee constantly.  Not complaining, definitely very happy to be carrying this baby.  And I hope to carry her till her due date or beyond for the healthiest baby possible!
I bought the girls (I really like saying that) their first matching tops this week and had to resist buying more. That will probably be my downfall, wanting them to be dressed alike, even though this baby will have all Irelyn's old clothes. My mom had my sister and I dressed alike alot when we were little and I think the pictures are adorable :). 
This post is a little random, but I really want to remember these wonderful times with my babies!!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 21, 2011

24 weeks

Here we are at 24 weeks!

And this is what is happening below me in a lot of the pictures. :)

This week my belly feels big.  Since 16 weeks I feel like I have been in the good part of pregnancy.  No sickness.  Not as tired.  Not yet huge.  I know I still have a ways to go and I'm really not that big.  But, I have been feeling such stretching and little pains.  It's like she is going to fall right out the more I walk.  And I walk quite a bit at work.  She must be doing quite a bit of growing in there! 
We plan on moving Iley downstairs in about a month and then starting to prepare the nursery. 
This weekend when we pull out the Christmas decorations I will also pull out the first 2 totes of infant clothes and start trying to get them washed and organized.  I have a feeling she will be here before we know it!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Iley- 19 1/2 months
I know this post may be a little strange. But if I don't write it down, I won't remember it.... 
Irelyn went pee and poop on the potty!!  She did so awesome!  She has been telling me when she has to poop and then runs to her potty, but won't let me pull her pants down and sit on it.  She poops in her pants and then sits on the potty.  Tonight, however was different!  She let Daddy pull her pants down and sat there until she went.  (which took a little while).  She then topped it off with peeing on the potty which is something she has never shown interest in.  Mommy and Daddy were soooooooo excited!  She was really unphased and didn't really understand why mommy and daddy were so excited, but was rewarded with a piece of Halloween candy anyway. :)
Yes, I took pictures of her sitting on the potty and of the final product.  Joe says I can't post the one of her sitting on the potty.  :( I guess I understand....

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wisconsin Dells Weekend

This past weekend Iley and I got out of town so Dad could paint our living room (which includes the hallway and stairs).  Grandma Trinie came with along with my friend, Becca, and her two girls, Clara and Olivia. We headed to Wisconsin Dells and stayed at the Chula Vista.

Despite the couple of melt downs, short naps, bloody lip (Iley fell climbing UP a water slide), and stupid daylight savings time, we had a GREAT time!  The girls all loved the water park and it was the absolute perfect size, depth, and age appropriate pool for them.  Iley has very little fear of water, which probably isn't the best thing, but it was great to see her so happy and excited!

I came home to a house the was completely painted and put back together, something I did not think would get all the way complete.  It looks great!  We are both much happier with the new paint color.  And Joe is very proud of himself for his hard work ;).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Names

A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook asking for suggestions for baby girl names.  Since this blog is eventually to have a documented history for the kids I wanted to have record of all the suggestions I got.  So, here baby girl are the baby girl names that my friends thought I should name you in 2011...


I got an American Baby magazine in the mail with a section on naming your baby.  Here are some of their, how do I say, interesting suggestions...

The College Crowd: Bryn, Colby, Drew, Emory, Rhodes
The Silver Screen: Audrey, Brigitte, Ingrid, Lana, Veronica
The Color Wheel: Auburn, Blue, Jade, Sienna, Teal
The Oval Office: Carter, Harding, Madison, McKinley, Reagan
The Book Club: Agatha, Colette, Gertrude, Juliet, Louisa
The Fashion Scene: Carolina, Coco, Donna, Nina, Vera
The Spice Rack: Anise, Clove, Ginger, Juniper, Saffron
The Great Outdoors: Calla, Dahlia, Ivy, Lark, Wren
The Road Trip: Ashland, Aurora, Georgia, Helena, Savannah

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

I gave up on trying to squeeze into most my regular pants and put on maternity pants today.  I found some really cute jean ones at Kohl's last night. 

I also gave in and decided to park in the "expectant mothers" parking at Festival.  No, I don't really need it, but I had Irelyn and we were just running in for one thing so I briefly parked there.

I also also gave in and joined Pinterest.  I know I will most likely become addicted.  But, everyone at work was doing it, so I jumped on that bandwagon. :)

Irelyn started saying her own name about 2 weeks ago.  She refers to herself as "Iley".  I think this is cute, because that is a name that Joe and I have called her since birth.  Not all the time, but periodically. I think it is now catching on with others.  I don't care what name she goes by.

Irelyn has started looking at the camera, smiling, and saying "cheese" on command (when in a good mood ;)).  I love it!
Here she is today when I asked her to smile for mama!

I think I have the only child who is OBSESSED with the wolf from Shrek 2.  Yes the wolf who has about 15 seconds of air time.  She calls it "wolf nigh night" because he is laying in Fiona's bed.  She also knows most the other characters.  She wants to to watch it ALL the time, but mainly only until the wolf part.  And then that part over and over.
Watching Shrek 2 so contently

I decided on and ordered baby #2's bedding.  Trying to spread out the purchases of the things we still need- crib, dresser, recliner, and double stroller. 

I finally got a smart phone! It takes surprising nice pictures and the photoshop app is pretty cool as well.  But, I haven't figured out how to get them on my computer yet :/.

We had a great day.  We had lunch with Grandma Trinie and Aunt Rachel.  Then it was nice enough out to play at the park across form Blue Moon with Rachel for awhile.  Long nap.  Then supper with Grandma Shari and Becky.

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

We found out the gender of our baby on Wednesday morning, October 12.  I invited our parents and my sister over for dinner that night to share with them.  I decided to make a cake and have the inside either be pink or blue so they would not know until the cake was cut.  I bought a few decorations a few days before we found out so I would remain neutral.  I needed to talk to my mom and mother and law throughout the day and it was hard to not let anything slip.  Let alone my friends trying to get it out of me. But, I did it I kept it a secret.  They even tried to get it out of Irelyn. (she told them "boy"), but of course no one knew if they could trust her. I cooked manicotti for dinner and then we quickly got to dessert :).
P.S. yes I know this is a little corny...
The decorations

Finished product

Little Miss trying to get the cake and M&Ms
Cutting the cake....IT'S PINK!

Mmmm Cake!

More M&Ms please

I bought the new little lady a little present right after leaving the doctor.  Irelyn calls her "seester."
My mom brought me this book that she used to pick my sister and my names. It has some interesting names....
I also have to share- I baked a second cake to take to work for the same type of reveal.  It was again difficult to wait until the next day to tell them, but so fun.  We cut it first thing and there was about 10 or more of my wonderful lady co-workers gathered around yelling "I see blue, I see pink" and they were all so excited.  I have wonderful co-workers and friends!

Welcome to the family baby girl!  We are so happy and excited to meet you!  P.S. you don't have a name yet :)