Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 months

I can't believe how grown up my little peanut is getting!  She is so chatty and smart and funny.  It's absolutely amazing how her language exploded from 18 months to now.  She talks in sentences and uses verbs and adjectives and pronouns.  She does still talk about herself in the 3rd person alot, but I find that adorable. "Iley nigh night".  She understands stern looks and apologizes and doesn't get as upset when we say "no" as she used to.  However, she does test us and push boundaries and has required a time out, but only here and there.  For the most part she is pretty well behaved.  She is still a total Mama's girl.  We have moved from the obsession with Shrek 2 to now Shrek 1.  I probably still prefer the second one, but atleast there is partial variety.  Oh and her new favorite, after wolf, is dragon.  Seriously? Who's child is this?  Wolves and dragons?  No, it's cute.  She also loves purses and apparently play dress up every day at day care! One day I picked her up with 3 pony tails, a head band, and a couple clips in her barely there hair.  The hair has grown alot between 15 months and now.  It is starting to require a clip or pony tail to get out of her face, but she's not so fond of leaving things in her hair so that's a bit of a struggle.
We are taking the plunge and attempting to move her to her new room downstairs AND a big girl bed at the same time!  It is a twin bed set on a box spring on the floor.  So far she has started a nap in it and taken a full almost 3 hour nap.  She has not freaked out or tried to get out so.... so far so good.  We are starting with some naps and will try a overnight soon.  Daddy is a little more apprehensive then I am.  He says he might sleep on the couch in the family room downstairs the first couple of nights we do it for his own security which is fine by me! 
We attempted to go see Santa at the mall.  I had her all pumped up that day. I had just gotten out the Christmas decorations and she was all about the santa that sits on the floor.  She says "Hi Santa" when she walks by him.  I also put up the picture of her and Santa from last year. "Iley on Santa lap" and taught her "Santa nice".  It was a good time to go, there was no line and we got to talk to Santa and try to warm up to him for awhile, but still she would not let go of mama.  And did not want to  sit with Santa.  Not even for a Candy Cane! Oh well, maybe next year. I will have to add pictures of these activities tomorrow.
We did attend the rotary lights kick off parade and she loved that.  We then watched them turn on the lights.  It was neat to see, but very busy so we did not stay.  I hope to go back sometime before Christmas to walk around.  She loves all the Christmas lights we see on houses.  Every time we pass a house with lights she says "more lights!".
We have attended a class at the Children's Museum the past 3 Wednesdays and will continue through December.  It's called "Wee move" but I basically call it "dance class" it is mainly a dance along to silly songs class.  She loves it! We video taped one and it is hilarious! Girl has got moves! I still claim she was born a dancer.  I look forward to enrolling her in a real dance class when she is old enough. 

I think her sister may also be a dancer or a gymnast because man does that kid move around inside me!  I don't remember exactly with Irelyn, but I am only 26 weeks (tomorrow) and I already am having difficulty breathing deep, picking up Iley, I have acid reflux, (which I do not remember ever having with Irelyn) and difficulty sleeping.  I feel like she is going to fall right out of me sometimes and I have to pee constantly.  Not complaining, definitely very happy to be carrying this baby.  And I hope to carry her till her due date or beyond for the healthiest baby possible!
I bought the girls (I really like saying that) their first matching tops this week and had to resist buying more. That will probably be my downfall, wanting them to be dressed alike, even though this baby will have all Irelyn's old clothes. My mom had my sister and I dressed alike alot when we were little and I think the pictures are adorable :). 
This post is a little random, but I really want to remember these wonderful times with my babies!!
Thanks for reading!

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