Wednesday, December 21, 2011

28 weeks

I am currently 28 weeks with baby girl #2.  I had been measuring one week ahead at my 2 previous appts. but am now measuring right on track.  I had my glucose test at 26 weeks, which was normal.  But, I also had blood work and I am again anemic during this pregnancy.  So, I have to take Iron supplements which I am not fond of.  They have said I will feel better and more awake, but so far I have noticed no difference and I am feeling even more tired lately.  At my 28 week appt. I had my rhogam shot due to my negative blood type.  Basically, I am A- and the baby may be A+ (which Irelyn and Joe are) and should our blood ever mix it would be bad.  And that is the very simplest of terms I will put it in.  Not a big deal as long as I have this shot.
We plan to attempt to get Iley in her new room this week and then I will start to change over her current room to the baby's room.  We will keep most of the same furniture in it, but I want to redecorate as much as I can (without painting) so Iley understands this is no longer her room and still has a lot of her same things in her new room.  Fingers crossed all goes well!
Irelyn is almost 21 months old.  She had a rough weekend and we were pretty concerned we had hit some hard core terrible twos.  She was throwing fits over every little thing.  But, we stuck to our rules and what we said and let her throw her fits until she was done and now, knock on wood, she has been GREAT for the past 2 days.  I am also very proud of her because she went to bed tonight without a pacifier which makes for 24 hours without one. She didn't even ask for it! It has (for the most part) been a night time only thing for a while now.  Not too long ago did we give up using it in the car.  I felt it was safer for her to have it in the car than to be distracting while we were driving.  I am a little nervous with her going to her new bed and room AND no paci, but hopefully all will be fine.  And one way or another I know we will figure it out.
She continues to periodically potty train herself.  She is stubborn and if she does not want to go on the potty, she won't, and if she does, she will go both #1 and #2 depending.
She just started saying, okay rather yelling, Merry Christmas today as well as "Santa, ho, ho, ho".  Very cute.  She has had the opportunity to open a few presents from people and has really gotten into ripping the paper off to see what's inside, looks at the item and then says "more presents".  So, now we need to work on thankfulness, generosity, and patience.
And the Shrek obsession has now moved to Elmo.  She still talks about Shrek alot, but does not ask or really even want to watch it.  Mainly asks to watch Elmo.  
I shared this picture on facebook already but, I too find it pretty cute of little miss and wanted to include it here as well. 

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