Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 weeks and 2 years.

Lyla is 2 weeks old and Iley turned 2 today!
This is a busy week for us.  Irelyn's birthday today, going away parties for people I work with, both girls have MD appts on different days, Joe wants to get his tattoo of Lyla's feet on Friday (I have yet to decide where I want mine.  Any suggestions), and Irelyn's birthday party is on Saturday.  I'm pretty excited for the party and look forward to posting about it :).  Hopefully she enjoys it! Irelyn went down for a nap and has been singing "Happy Birthday" to herself a few times :). 
Lyla's MD appt. was actually yesterday.  She is 20 inches long and weighs 8lbs. 7 ounces already.  Irelyn's appt. is Friday.  I'm sure she is still probably off the charts, but I will post after we know how tall she is and how much she weighs.  She currently has a cold and I think actually lost a little weight.  It is not easier having a 2 year old with a nasty cold and a newborn.  Oh and she gave it to me.  Trying very hard to keep Lyla healthy.  
Joe started his new job.  It is strange having him work till 6 and I can't say I care for that because he doesn't get home till atleast 6:30.  But, it is nice he is here for a little longer in the morning. 
Alright, miss Lyla bug is waking up (of course one goes down, one wakes up). We are heading to good old Chuck E. Cheese tonight with some friends and family!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lyla Ellison

Well sure enough a few hours after I wrote my last post (Due date) my water broke! 

As always, I use this blog as a journal for myself to remember and one day hopefully my girls will want to read it.  But, I will keep this relatively simple....

My water broke at 1:30am, but no contractions. We took our time and waited for my mother in law to come over and left the house shortly after 3am.  Contractions just starting, but not to uncomfortable at this point.  Shortly after arriving at the hospital, my contractions really started kicking in.  I lose track of time of now, but we determined I labored with contractions every 3-5 minutes with growing intensity for about 4 hours.  I received my epidural about that time.  I was approx. 6 cms.  It took around 40 minutes or so (again I am guessing) to do the epidural and she had to do it twice because the first time it drew back blood and didn't work.  Shortly after receiving the epidural I felt faint and dizzy.  BP dropped to 70/40 and I began to vomit (again).  This was actually the scariest part of the whole labor because I didn't know what would happen should I slip into unconsciousness.  My nurse was awesome and quickly put something into me, I don't even know what, and I began to feel better.  It was pretty relaxing then for awhile.  I "relaxed" with my mom and Joe for awhile well we waited for the dilation to reach 10. 

I started pushing shortly after 1:30 and she was delivered 4 pushes later at 1:55pm. It was amazing.  Mom and Joe were happy to help me hold my legs and I got to help pull her out and onto my chest.  She stayed there, skin to skin, for over an hour.  Never cried.  I have said all along she is going to be mellow, and so far that has proved to be absolutely true!  We named her Lyla Ellison Eberhardt.  No special reasons here.  I had liked the name Lyla for awhile and we went round and round about middle names and settled on Ellison less than 3 weeks ago after a co-worker of mine suggested it. 

From the moment I saw her I thought she looked so much like her sister.  Except I do not see as much red in her little patch of hair.  Maybe I will get my blond after all ;). 

Lyla's birth was completely different from Irelyn's.  I will never describe labor as "mellow" but this was probably my ideal labor and how I guess I imagined labor to be.  I would describe Irelyn's as "intense".

She has continued to be an easy mellow baby.  She sleeps all the time. Again, she is so different from her sister.  Irelyn is an amazing big sister she was adorable when she came to visit in the hospital.  She would run in giggling and immediately want to hold "her baby" and then proceed to shower Lyla with kisses.  It's only been a few days, but she still wants to see her and hold her quite often, but I think she gets a little bored that Lyla doesn't really do anything.  She wants to teach her to crawl and walk.  There is definitely hints of jealousy and attention seeking behaviors going on, but I think she is doing better than we expected and I tear up when she sits and reads to Lyla or everytime she says "It's okay Lyla" when she starts to whimper.  The way she says it is just sooo sweet.  I have to get it recorded, if I haven't already. 

We went on our first little family outing last night (besides going to get newborn pics- which are mazing!!!).  We went down to Riverside to feed the ducks and over to Rudy's for supper.  Lyla of course slept the whole time.  Have I mentioned the weather is gorgeous for March!!  It has been in the 80s for days.  We got out the double stroller and went for a walk with both girls and Bella, the dog, this morning.  Sunny and nice and amazing! 

We are truly so blessed with these 2 miracles!  Welcome to the family Lyla!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Due Date

Here it is, what we have been counting down towards, March 12.  And unless something amazing happens super fast I can baby.

We have had a pretty good false alarm, and another little one early this morning, but otherwise...big fat NOTHING.  I have contractions all the time, but nothing really intense and obviously they aren't doing much.  I have another appt. tomorrow, but as of last week nothing had changed and I've stopped growing and gaining for a few weeks now. 

We are getting anxious and we feel ready.  I am trying to remind myself to enjoy these last few days and enjoy the sleep.  Actually I don't really sleep and I don't feel that tired either.  It's odd, but I'm kind of enjoying that as well.  I'm still working and remembering the longer I hold out now, the longer my maternity leave goes into June ;).

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday!  Happy 30th old gal :)!  Maybe you will share your birthday with your newest niece, but I doubt it!

Ok little lady, time to make your appearance!!! Love you!  Irelyn says you are her friend and buddy and she will help change your poopies, sound good? OKay. Come out now!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Family Update

I am just busy working, growing, getting ready for this baby, and taking care of my little Irelyn.   I am taking a "nesting" day today while Iley is at day care.  Doing last minute things to prepare for baby, some shopping for essentials, and cleaning the house.  It's hard not knowing when things will happen and how much time we will have, especially because we are going to have to figure out, depending on time of day, what to do with Iley.  We of course have people willing to take her, but they have to live their lives too.  I have the bags packed as best as I can for all of us- I think. 
But, I am ready at any time this little lady wants to make her entrance.  I am hoping for sooner rather than later. Since both babies will now officially be born in March I want to (eventually) get a aquamarine ring.
38 weeks

Joe got a new job!  And at a much needed time in our lives with the little lady coming.  It's deja vu as he started his last job right after Iley was born. We are very excited for this change as it does not involve any on call, travel, or after hours work! We went out for dinner to celebrate, just the 2 of us because that probably won't happen again for awhile. He plans to start the new job March 26, hopefully that will leave us with plenty of family time after little lady is born.  Other than the job drama, Joe bowls on a lot of Friday nights on his bowling league time.  He also spends free time completing his list (ok maybe it's my list) for him of things to put together before baby arrives.
Getting attacked by Iley's "drum".  Maybe someday he will actually teach her what a baseball bat is.

Iley is busy growing and learning new things everyday.  She continues to amaze me with how smart she is.  Seriously, where did that come from? :).  She went to her first circus 2 days ago and was SO cute.  Before it started, you could tell she had no idea what was going on and was a little crabby, but after it started she was clapping and jumping and dancing in her chair.  I wish I could have recorded it.  She did eventually wipe out right around intermission time and was asking to go home.  She was a trooper though considering she has been sick and did not take a good nap that day.  Maybe next year we can ride a horse or elephant! She has started asking me "Mommy? What ya doing?" at random times, even if we are just riding in the car.  Such a sweet girl!
I do worry a little, because she has again been very attached to Mommy lately.  I am hoping it is just the cold and not feeling the best.  Really hoping she is 100% soon so she can meet the baby right away. 
Yes, we had to sit in the second to top row.  Let me tell all those stairs were so fun for this VERY pregnant momma.  Plus carrying her from the parking ramp to the center in the

Before it started, still doesn't know what's going on...

Doggies- her faves

She also continues to talk about the elephants.  Mom's favorite.

Babe E-
Well at over 38 weeks she is making progress to enter this crazy world.  She has mommy 2-3 cms dilated and 50% effaced.  Last week was 1 cm so we are making progress. I have still not been gaining much weight and measure a little small, but they are not worried, because my uterus does continue to grow.  The smaller weight gain is odd to me because when I compare to Iley's pregnancy pictures I think I look bigger.  I will tell you I weigh about 10 pounds less right now than I did with Iley.  I know I don't rest as much as I did during my first pregnancy because I have a toddler, but still seems a little strange to me.  I have contractions often and some are a little uncomfortable.  I feel them in my back, which is a bit of a bummer because I had back labor with Iley and it SUCKED and I was hoping I wouldn't this time, but she is laying in there so similar to Iley that I am now almost sure I will.  We thought we had her name picked out, but changed the middle name last week and THINK we have it finalized now. Sleeping for this momma is terrible.  I am hardly ever comfortable and rolling is one of the most difficult things to do!
We had maternity pictures taken last week and the ones we have seen so far are pretty neat!  I had to get pretty much naked in the 30 degree February weather.  Iley hung out in the car with Grandma Trinie when she wasn't with us and Grandma T said she was so concerned that "Mommy dropped her coat".  SO sweet. 
Anyway...Her room is ready for her, so like I said, anytime would be great!
Her room would be different, but Daddy would not paint.  Which I understood.  The striped took a lot of work and it wasn't that long ago.  So, I worked with what I had and I like it.