Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 weeks and 2 years.

Lyla is 2 weeks old and Iley turned 2 today!
This is a busy week for us.  Irelyn's birthday today, going away parties for people I work with, both girls have MD appts on different days, Joe wants to get his tattoo of Lyla's feet on Friday (I have yet to decide where I want mine.  Any suggestions), and Irelyn's birthday party is on Saturday.  I'm pretty excited for the party and look forward to posting about it :).  Hopefully she enjoys it! Irelyn went down for a nap and has been singing "Happy Birthday" to herself a few times :). 
Lyla's MD appt. was actually yesterday.  She is 20 inches long and weighs 8lbs. 7 ounces already.  Irelyn's appt. is Friday.  I'm sure she is still probably off the charts, but I will post after we know how tall she is and how much she weighs.  She currently has a cold and I think actually lost a little weight.  It is not easier having a 2 year old with a nasty cold and a newborn.  Oh and she gave it to me.  Trying very hard to keep Lyla healthy.  
Joe started his new job.  It is strange having him work till 6 and I can't say I care for that because he doesn't get home till atleast 6:30.  But, it is nice he is here for a little longer in the morning. 
Alright, miss Lyla bug is waking up (of course one goes down, one wakes up). We are heading to good old Chuck E. Cheese tonight with some friends and family!

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