Monday, March 12, 2012

Due Date

Here it is, what we have been counting down towards, March 12.  And unless something amazing happens super fast I can baby.

We have had a pretty good false alarm, and another little one early this morning, but otherwise...big fat NOTHING.  I have contractions all the time, but nothing really intense and obviously they aren't doing much.  I have another appt. tomorrow, but as of last week nothing had changed and I've stopped growing and gaining for a few weeks now. 

We are getting anxious and we feel ready.  I am trying to remind myself to enjoy these last few days and enjoy the sleep.  Actually I don't really sleep and I don't feel that tired either.  It's odd, but I'm kind of enjoying that as well.  I'm still working and remembering the longer I hold out now, the longer my maternity leave goes into June ;).

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday!  Happy 30th old gal :)!  Maybe you will share your birthday with your newest niece, but I doubt it!

Ok little lady, time to make your appearance!!! Love you!  Irelyn says you are her friend and buddy and she will help change your poopies, sound good? OKay. Come out now!

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