Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

Our new black out shades were installed today in 2 bedrooms.  They look great and I love them.  Thanks, Nikki!

This was a couple of weeks ago.  We took Irelyn with us to the Trempealeau Hotel for Blues fest.  It was a hot night.  she enjoyed eating ice and did a little dancing. 

With Grandma Shari
Irelyn loves to help clean.  I can't sweep without giving her a turn.  She also likes to vacuum, wipe the floor with paper towel or rags, and throw things in the garbage.  Hope this continues when she is 12 :).
 I had to get one these things.  I hate it.  It is a pain.  It not only is baby proof, it is just about human proof.  But, it serves its purpose so I put up with it.

I am patiently waiting for a nice day off that I can take Irelyn to the Holmen or Onalaska water park.  For now this will have to do.
Just doesn't look as fun, right?
At Irelyn's one year doctor appt. I asked if it was weird that she would not sit still to read a book.  The doctor assured me she was fine.  Well, be careful what you wish for!  No, I don't mind, but we are now reading books all of the time.  Here is the stack we went through the other night...
We've been waiting for this little girls hair to grow and to see if it would stay red.  I hate to admit that when I was pregnant I joked that I was worried about having a red head.  I knew it was a possibility, but really thought we would have a very blonde child.  I take that back and I LOVE her hair color and I'm glad it is staying "strawberry blonde".  It finally seems to be growing!
look at all that hair :)

Grandpa Greg has been asking for a picture of her with her phone and credit card "Typical woman" he calls her.  Here it is.
Nap time right now, then maybe heading to the Children's Museum.  Shopping for a 5 year old's birthday party after that.  Party is tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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