Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 6.19.11

We had a low key Father's Day.  Dad got beer and cupcakes. And I am taking him shopping for work clothes soon because we just went through his closet and he doesn't like anything he has or it doesn't fit.  Emptied most of it.  I asked him if I could have half since he uses maybe 1/4 :).  I have already taken some, but if there's more room- I'll take it!
The Dad- with his mouth full apparently

My picky little eater has been doing alot better lately so she was rewarded with a cupcake

I guess she loves frosting!

Much more messy than her birthday cake

Later we went to Syl's with my parents and Joe's dad.  It is increasingly difficult to take Iley to restaurants because she does NOT like to sit still.  We had a nice time anyway. 

Reading before dinner with Grandpa Greg and Daddy

Daddy and his little girl

I couldn't get a great picture of the 2 of them because I hate to say it in my Father's Day post but she is a total Mommy's girl.  (it's okay Joe never reads this anyways) :)
I'll probably write more again tomorrow about our recent activities. 
I can't believe Irelyn is almost 15 months old!  Where did my baby go?? 


  1. Yesterday when Joe came she couldn't get enough of him, so watch out they always turn to Daddy's girls! :-)

  2. I did hear that! It actually has gone back and forth a couple times, but we've hit a longer mommy run here. I hope she gets over that and its more equal because it does bother him at times and it would be a little easier for both of us :). Joe always wanted a daddy's girl and that's okay if that happens.