Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planning a Vacation!

I booked our rental cabin today!

It is set we are going to Bayfield in August for a long weekend. 

My sister moved up north a few months ago and would like us to come see her.  She said the Bayfield area is nicer than where she is at, so we are meeting there.  I researched it for a few days and asked some people at work.  It is highly recommended by some co-workers and looks beautiful  The only part I am worried about is the 5 hour car ride (x2) with an active 15 month old.  But, we will be riding with my mom so that should help with the entertainment.  It won't be all on me while Joe drives.  So, I am excited!  Like I said, its not a long vacation, but I still think it will be nice and fun. 

That's all for now.  Joe and I are just hanging out after our dinner and mini golf while Irelyn spends the night at Grandma Shari's. 

Have a great weekend!