Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lyla: 5 months

Lyla at 5 months...

You are still such a happy baby.  Grandpa says if you smile any bigger your eyes will pop out!

You are out growing your 3-6 month clothes, but we are making them work to get through the rest of the warmer weather hopefully.

You still sleep swaddled, but I wish we could wean you from that...working on it.

You can sit on your own without your hands for short periods of time.

You have ate cereal once or twice and did fine, but don't really seem all that eager and don't really seem to need it. 

You put everything in your mouth.

We were sure you were getting teeth, but still nothing.

You are sleep through the night sometimes, but alot of nights still wake up around 4am, if we feed you a little you are back to sleep within 15 minutes.  (please start sleeping through that)  If you wake up other times during the night, putting a pacifier back in your mouth helps (and then you spit it out again).  You also like to sleep on your side.

You take 3 naps a day.  The afternoon nap is typically the longest.  A short morning and evening nap.

Mommy went away for 3 days and you stayed with daddy and Grandma S.  Iley and I missed you so much and the reunion between you and your sister was the sweetest/craziest thing ever.  Don't ever doubt how much Irelyn loves you. 

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