Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I feel like I am one of those mom's who takes her kids to the doctor always to be told they are fine.  I like to think I am not one that worries about every little cold or rash, but I do typically tend to think better safe than sorry.
Well, today was not one of those days.  After getting home from Bayfield last week Irelyn had a few bites that looked like mosquito or spider bites.  Most went away, but all of a sudden one looked pretty bad on the back of her leg.  My mother in law mentioned it looked like a bulls eye and I knew immediately what she was getting at.  My baby may have Lyme's disease.  I don't know a whole lot about it so I took to google and then called the nurse hot line.  Of course I was told she needed to be seen (they always say that).  After looking at the google images I knew what we were going to hear.  Thank God she never got any other symptoms and now that she is on the antibiotic hopefully all will be fine. 
Besides Irelyn's acid reflux neither child has had medical issues or medications.  But I guess there is a first for everything.  I'm sure my children will have many more illnesses, but I can just hope and pray they (and the rest of my family) continue to stay healthy!

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