Monday, September 17, 2012

6 Months


You are 6 months! You are growing up so fast! 

This post is hard to write because for the past few days you have been REALLY sick.  Coming out both ends my dear.  Mommy cannot keep up with all your laundry.  We probably don't go through this many clothes in 2 weeks as we have in 2 days.  Nor have I ever had to wash a car seat so frequently. We went to the doctor today to make sure you were okay and now you only eat a few ounces and they told us to give you yogurt and pedialyte.  Luckily, you are still a pretty happy girl.
You turned 6 months 5 days ago and at that time you were eating anything we gave you, but we were mainly giving you vegetables.  You ate a container of food and a bottle at breakfast, lunch, and supper, and a bottle before bed.  You take a morning nap and afternoon nap and sometimes an evening nap. 
You mostly sleep through the night (8-6 or 7), but wake up one-two times for a pacifier and sometimes need to be rocked back to sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning. You gave up your swaddle!!
You sit up so well and want to crawl, but it's just too hard still.
We keep waiting for a tooth to pop through, but still nothing.  You chew on everything in sight.
You weigh 16 lbs and 10 oz. which is the 62% on today's date.  But, I believe you have lost some weight being sick and you would have been 17.5 to 18 lbs.  We are delaying your 6 month check up because of being sick, but the doctor said it was obvious you were developing very well physically and cognitively.  They even thought you we're saying "hi" :).

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