Monday, August 22, 2011

Potty and Paci

Our little girl is growing up so fast!

First, the potty. 
Ok, I have barely even started thinking about how to potty train her, but I have to share a funny story.  Last night right before bed Irelyn runs into the bathroom and starts yanking on the toilet seat trying to open it.  We put a lock on it months ago because she had started playing in the water while she hangs out with me while I get ready.  The lock has never bothered her before and she doesn't try to open the lid with it on.  She sometimes pulls on the lock to try and climb up onto the toilet but that's it.  So, anyway it was odd of her to be whining about opening it.  First, I ignore.  Then, I think, she is showing interest so I shouldn't ignore it.  I open it and set her on the seat, but don't pull her pants down or take the diaper off.  WELL, the girl starts bearing down like she is gonna poop and then a little fart comes out.  I am shocked and quickly remove the diaper.  She continues to push a little, relax, push, relax, but nothing comes out and her attention span passes.  But, I thought it was pretty cool that she did all that even if nothing came of it!

And the paci....
It actually seemed all too easy. We are just about done with it!  Our Super babysitter actually led the way on this one.  I was trying to cut back on the use, but wasn't going to really worry about getting rid of it until 18 months.  But she started going all day without using it at day care, so we went with it.  We are pretty much down to just night time now!  And even that I don't know that she needs it, but I have discovered throughout this that Joe and I are possibly more reliant on that thing than Irelyn is.  A couple times she has somehow found one and even then she stuck it in her mouth for a couple sucks and then handed it to us or one time I saw her reach up and set it on the counter. Thanks Sara for the kick to get rid of it!


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