Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The News You Have Probably Been EXPECTING

YES!  We are having another baby!

Although apparently most people have already figured that out from my facebook ramen noodle post a few weeks ago. :)  And I have told most people who I see regularly.
I took the top one first because it was a left over.  I bought the second one to confirm and wanted to see the digital read out for fun.

I found out at exactly 5 weeks.  We were not "trying" yet, but we were going to and I mainly took the test to see when we could start trying.  (sorry if that is a over share). 
When we had decided we were going to have another I pictured myself coming up with some cute way to tell Joe, but I never came up with anything.  Then, when it happened I couldn't keep it to myself and I woke him up with Irelyn and said "tell Daddy you are going to be a big sister" his response "ha, really?",  Typical Joe.  We kept it to ourselves for about a week before we told our parents.  We told our parents by putting Irelyn in this shirt.  It took both Grandma's a little while to notice it but they both eventually did.  I remember my mom's response clearly, though she denies it.  It was "uh oh".  Then she said "does that mean- someday??"  Yes, mom about 8 months from now someday :).  Joe's mom had actually carried Irelyn downstairs and we were upstairs when she noticed and she SCREAMED "Excuse me, what is on my granddaughter's shirt?" it was very cute. 

Doesn't she look excited!

I waited until I heard Irelyn's heartbeat to share with the internet world and I did the same with this baby.  We heard it this morning.  I have to admit I got a little scared because it took her a little longer than I recall to find it and I was worried it wasn't there :(.  But it was!!  Good and strong.  I chose to go back to the same midwife I saw during my last pregnancy.  She was so bubbly and excited to see us.  She even talked to us about where we would put our next tattoos since we both have one for Irelyn.  Joe knows, but I still haven't figured out what I am going to do about that.
Sorry, this is not a great picture of my tattoo, but its the best I could find at the moment

I went in with 3 questions.  1) What is safe to take for allergies? A. Claritin, but really anything since I am now in my 2nd trimester.  (but I am still going to try and take nothing).  2) Do I need to worry more about this baby because Irelyn and I have different blood types? (she is A+ and I am A-).  A. No.  I was tested and do not have antibodies because of the shots I got during her pregnancy and will receive the same this time.  3) Can I got to Florida in January?!? A. Probably, but we will have to see how it goes.  Do not anticipate it to be a problem.  I really hope we can for a lot of reasons, but one being I have never spent more than 1 night away from Irelyn and I would like to have a really nice kid free vacation before things get even harder.

So, speaking of harder... Yes I am nervous to have 2, but also very excited.  No we do not care if it is a boy or girl, but it seems like a lot of our friends and family are hoping for a boy which is understandable since we already have a girl.  My intuition says its a girl though.  We will find out in October!  I am eager to learn the sex, but I am so far in no real hurry to get to March.  I keep thinking I have more time than I actually do to figure things out.  I am just going to enjoy the next 6-7 months with my 1 baby before the chaos begins! 

I felt really good for the first 8 weeks and stupidly thought I had escaped any sickness.  While since then I have not felt all that well and most food is unappealing.  I asked Joe one morning if he heard how many times I 'got sick' and that I even was in the back yard 'getting sick' on my way out the door.  His wonderfully sweet (sarcasm) response "Not on my new rocks, right?" Oh my.  No sympathy this time around. But, knock on wood, it does seem to be getting better.  My mom gave me this awesome card about a week ago.  It sums it up perfectly. 

I know I had more to write, but I think I will leave it at that for now.  I'm sure I will have many more posts and updates along the way and am glad to be able to share with any of you who read this! :)

Take Care!

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