Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Room- Advice Please!

Everyday at some point I seem to worry about what to do about moving Irelyn to her new room and when to do it.  For those who don't know, we own a split level home.  Our bedroom and 1 other room is upstairs and there are 2 more bedrooms downstairs.  I have already began preparing a room for Irelyn downstairs, but I DON'T want to move her down there.  It feels too far away.  I'm sure some day she will love being far away from mom and dad, but she's still so little.  I have read a few places to make all big moves and changes well before a new baby arrives so the older child does not resent the baby for making them move or change.  I have gone between moving her a couple months before due date or keeping her in her room until after and keeping the baby in our room for awhile or even having them share a room.  But, lately I have been thinking she needs to move and it should happen before delivery day.  If I really had my way I would buy a new home- a ranch with a master bedroom on one end and other rooms on the other end, white trim, open floor plan and atleast a partially finished basement.  But who's being picky?

The other problem is that I don't really want to buy another crib, but I think moving into a new room and a big girl bed is too much at once.  Especially because we would have to be running downstairs and putting her back every time she climbed out of the bed. 
So...Is it inevitable I will need another crib??  Irelyn will be almost exactly 2 when the new baby arrives.  Do I move her downstairs??  When do I move her??
I'm going to try not to worry about it too much until I atleast know what the sex of the baby is.

Her new room is not finished, but here are some sneak peeks :)...


  1. super cute room Trina! I'm sure it will be beautiful when it's finished. I don't have kids, so disregard my comment if you need to, but is she ready to try a big girl bed now? I think transitioning to a big girl bed would be harder than transitioning to a new room (for Irelyn at least, it might be harder for you and Joe!), so maybe you could see how she does with the new bed first. Good luck!
    -Kacee Huisinga

  2. Maybe start keeping some of her things there like toys, clothes. Mayb e start napping there. It will work out!!

  3. My original thought was to wait until the baby comes before making moves since the new little GIRL will probably sleep in your room for awhile anyway. But then I was thinking that you would have to try and move and re-decorate when you have a 3-6 month old instead of now when (believe it or not) you have more time. So I guess I'd have to say move her first and then I would just leave her old room empty for awhile so it's not like the baby stuff instantly takes over her old space. When she's loving her new fun room then you can start to add new baby decor to the upstairs room. Or...just get a new house in West Salem! :)