Monday, September 26, 2011

A few must haves

Once I found out I was pregnant for the second time there were a couple things I knew I needed (okay maybe wanted) for myself! (and in a way for the babies)

A new bed. Check.  Our old bed wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great.  I really wanted a new one before I got to the big, uncomfortable stage.  I hadn't ever mentioned wanting a new bed and when I did tell Joe one day I was very surprised he was so willing (he's a little stingy).  I love the new bed.  It is pretty tall (up to my hip) so I think towards the end of the pregnancy that might be a challenge to get in and out of, but its very comfortable.  We went back and forth on queen vs. king and I am SOOO glad we went with a king.  We aren't really cuddly sleepers and having all the room is nice.  Plus I expect to have atleast 1 or 2 kids in there at some point so it will be great for that!

A rocker recliner.  When we bought the bed I was hoping to purchase this at the same time, but it hasn't happened yet.  We don't know how to arrange our living room or what pieces to get rid of to fit it upstairs where I want it.  Our couch has seen better days.  Our sofa goes with the couch and is in good condition.  Do we keep the sofa, get rid of the couch and get 2 recliners?  We are still deciding, but hopefully I get my recliner soon!  I really wished I had had one when Irelyn was tiny and I spent hours and hours feeding her and getting her to sleep.  Oops, now I made myself nervous.  Well anyway, I look forward to having one by the time baby comes!

I also want our main living area painted.  This is something I also did not know Joe would be so willing to do.  We painted it when we moved in and it was never really what we thought it would be or what we had wanted, but no one ever said anything.   Its been 2 years so I brought it up.  Joe agreed to paint it and his mom is more than willing to help.  Although having Joe agree to do something and actually following through with it are 2 completely different things!  So I decided I am going to plan a girls weekend with my Iley Pie and my mom and anyone else who would like to come so Joe can paint.  Hopefully end of October or early November.  Right now I am thinking an indoor waterpark in the Dells.  Maybe Great Wolf?  Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Irelyn turns 18 months on Wednesday.  Check back for another post then!

And in the words of my little girl ~Nigh Night

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