Wednesday, September 28, 2011

18 months and Baby E Update

Dear Irelyn, Sometimes 18 months sounds little to me and sometimes it sounds too old.  But, you are definitely turning into a sweet little lady and not so much a baby anymore.  Your personality has really come out now and I feel like I know you a lot better than ever before if that makes sense.  You are smart and understand so much.  I can see you learning everyday.  Your vocabulary increases everyday.  You are such a chatterbox.  I had started making a list a little over a month ago of the words you say.  There is no way I could list them all now there are too many!  You call dogs "woof woofs" and cats "meows" which everyone finds very cute.  You have started saying phrases like "I missed you" and "see ya later".  You repeat more than ever before and Mama and Daddy need to be more careful.  The other day Mama told Bella to "shut up" and you repeated that 3 times.  Uh oh.  You always ask "where's daddy?" or "where's Bella?" or "where's mama?" whenever we are not all together.  And everything normally seems to come in 3s.  If you give Mama a kiss, Daddy and Bella get one too.  If you are pointing out your knees.  You point to all 3 of our knees as well.  You even try to take Bella's socks off after you have taken all ours off even though she doesn't have any.
I gave you a pillow for your bed for the first time about 3 weeks ago and you don't move around nearly so much anymore, you must think its comfy.  You sleep typically from 8-7 these days.  Bedtime routine consists of cuddling with mom in your room while we say prayers.  Then you lay down and talk to yourself or whoever you talk to for awhile and go to sleep shortly after.  You wake up in the morning and start saying "Mama" right away.  It makes me very happy and getting out of bed easier.  You are always super happy in the morning time and it is hard to leave you on the days we go to work.
You are not quite as into paging through book after book anymore.  But, you will now allow a whole book to be read to you rather than just looking at pictures.  Your current favorites are The Gingerbread Boy, God Gave, and Bear Snores On. We read them over and over.  I still have no idea how you choose these.
You absolutely melt my heart when you give me hugs or kisses when I haven't asked for them.  You also will climb up behind me on the couch and play with my hair.  You are normally gentle and do a great job.  I hope this continues for many years.  Daddy has never quite figured out how to play with hair the way it feels really good. Must be a girl thing.
You have your moments where you melt down, but atleast these days I know why and it's normally simply that you are not getting your way.  You also have somehow got in a habit of pooping in the tub, but atleast you don't pick it up and hand it to me anymore :). 
I tried to plan a fun day today for us.  The weather was supposed to be much better than it is (cloudy, rainy, and cold).  I thought things would go well today.  You slept good, woke up happy, and Mama was having a good hair day!  We went to take your 18 month pictures and a family picture (probably the last one as our little family of 3 as we know it).  We planned to do it outside and still attempted despite the weather.  You were shy, clingy and uncooperative.  The photographer, Jaimie, informed us that 18 months to 3 years is difficult to get kids to take pictures.  Great. I think we may have gotten a few and if not that's okay too. 
You were fine after that was over and me, you, Grandma Trinie, and Aunt Rachel went to play at the Children's Museum and out to lunch.

We went home and took a close to 3 hour nap then we gave Daddy and Grandpa a ride to Oktoberfest and me, you, and Grandma went to McDonald's to play in the play place.  We had never actually been to the one right by our house until tonight.  You had a good time!
I love you so much sweetie!  Don't grow up too fast, okay?
P.S. We will go for your doctor check up next week.

Dear Baby E,
You have now hit 16 weeks in Mommy's belly.  I think you have really grown these past couple of weeks and I'm pretty certain I have started feeling you move!  It is an amazing feeling.  You have finally decided to start letting Mommy eat a little more of what she wants.  Thank you for that.  We find out if we need to paint your room a different color or leave it pink in exactly 2 weeks and we can't wait!  Daddy told me a few days ago that your sex may determine how many kids we have.  Doesn't he know yet that Mommy will probably actually decide that ;)?  Mommy, Daddy, and Irelyn all love you very much!

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