Sunday, January 29, 2012

22 months

My little big girl is 22 months old.  I absolutely cannot believe she is almost 2. I have started thinking about her 2nd birthday party....Crazy!  She has changed and grown so much since she turned one.  I really wanted to write an update because she has started doing a lot of new and super cute things.  She started singing this month!  She sings "Be Our Guest", the "Good Morning" song from dance class, Twinkle twinkle, she sings part of the Abcs, and sometimes just joins in with whatever she hears playing.  It's amazing how she picks up on the words of songs and has favorites. She counts..."1,2,3,4,9" or mostly just "3,4,9".  She talks all the time and in full sentences. She wants to do a lot of things herself ("I do myself") such as putting her coat and shoes on or off and getting dressed.  It is nice that she wants to, but also takes a lot of extra time.  The other day she even wanted to change her own diaper.  Yay, that didn't go so well.
She had another big first this past month.  She spent 5 days and nights with her grandmas while mommy and daddy were in Florida (separate post to come on that).  She did wonderful!  Hopefully next time we go, she will come along!
She Loves this castle, but someone always has to play with her in it.  It's a tight squeeze, but worth it!


Putting on Mommy's shoes

When she puts on  this crown she magically becomes "Princess Fiona"

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