Thursday, January 12, 2012

31 weeks

I made my birth plan during my appointment yesterday.  I also had to pre-register for the hospital stay.  So, we are all set to go!  Baby sounds good. We actually heard her hiccuping with the doppler this time. She is very active and it gets a little uncomfortable, but totally worth it.  She is measuring right on between 31 and 32 weeks. 
Her big sister is finally starting to understand that mommy has a baby... I think.  If I ask her where her baby sister is she says "yummy".  So, still a little confused.  But she called the crib her baby sister's and the blanket I have in it.  She then proceeded to throw the blanket off of the crib.  I think we may have jealousy issues.  But, she loves babies so hopefully she will be excited when it is time. 
I sold all her old bedding and the stuff that went with it so the nursery will look a lot different than when it was hers. 

Here is the babe and I at 31 weeks!

And just for fun here is Irelyn at I at 31 weeks

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