Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Room, New Bed

I've been slacking about blogging about Irelyn's big move.  She has been in her new room and big girl (twin bed) for 3 weeks now.  She has done AMAZING!  It did only take her 1 1/2 weeks to figure out how to get out, but she only did it that one time because she was throwing a fit that night.  And that was a tough night because the night before she got sick and threw up all night so she got to sleep with Daddy or Mama in many different random places in the house.  (We had to keep moving after one place got full of puke).
After the first night, she was so excited and kept exclaiming "I slept in big bed!" Joe slept on the couch downstairs for the first few nights, although I'm not really sure why because she did great, but I wasn't going to say anything because it gave me a few nights of not worrying about anything.
I think the person it has been the hardest on is actually....ME.  I know she is fine, but she feels too far away and after the night she got out I think I have been a little more nervous about her getting up.  I don't like sleeping with the monitor on. If she does wake up or make noise I feel like I have to go check on her rather than let her just go, because I worry she is out of bed or something.  Really kind of irrational fears. It isn't too bad when Joe is home, but he seems to be gone a lot for work or fun and I wish I could just let her sleep with me when he is gone, but I know that would totally screw up her good sleep pattern so I never do. I would also feel more comfortable with a video monitor just to see what she is doing and that she is fine, but my gosh, I looked them up and they are expensive!
I know it is still a transition and she is used to it, Joe doesn't care about anything, and I will get used to it.  At least I get to sleep with my other baby girl every night!!

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