Wednesday, February 8, 2012

35 weeks

On February 6, I hit 35 weeks pregnant with little lady.  I had an appt. with my midwife today.  Not much going on.  The appts. are pretty quick.  She answers any questions- I normally have very few or none. She measures me- I measure right on.  And listens to the baby- she sounds great.  It's pretty much the same every time.  Irelyn went with me this time for the first time.  She was really good.  Didn't really get it, but sat nicely and wide eyed when we listened to the baby's heart beat.  She LOVES babies so I hope she will love her baby sister.  She also is very sympathetic and has a hard time if anyone is crying, so that may be a challenge.  Maybe I will get lucky and have one of those babies who never seems to cry.  ;)

My mom did make the comment the other day that she thought I had "dropped".  I hadn't really thought about, but I guess I kind of agree.  I still think my basketball looks pretty high, but I feel like the kicks are a little lower and even more pressure on my poor little bladder. I have the same right rib pain I had with Irelyn, but lately it hasn't been as bad because I think she shifted a little.

I have heard many times you can somewhat base your pregnancies based on how your mom's pregnancy went.  I didn't realize it, but my mom went 1 week over with my older sister and I went 1 week over with Irelyn.  She went 5 days early with me, so we shall see how this one goes.  The midwife also said today to expect half the time of labor as the first time.  This would be 3.5 hours total!  Kind of scary fast if that happens.
I have joked with a few people that this baby could be a leap year baby.  (a little embarrassed I had to explain what leap year is to my husband...).  I'm, I guess, indifferent to if that would happen.  It would be special and unique, but also strange.  

So, ready or not this baby is on it's way!  Countdown is on!

And again for fun, the comparison of belly with Irelyn and belly with little lady...

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