Sunday, February 12, 2012

Florida 2012

I realized I hadn't yet blogged about our "babymoon".  We had such a wonderful time visiting some of our favorite friends in Saint Augustine/ Jacksonville, FL. We went from Jan. 19-23 and spent the evening of the 18th by ourselves in a hotel in Minneapolis so we were ready to fly out early.

I had been pretty nervous, not knowing how I would feel leaving Irelyn.  I had never left her more than 1 night.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard.  I realized when we got back it is almost easier to be away from her in a whole new place rather than if I am home and she is spending the night somewhere else.

I have been to Florida many times, but I think only 1 other time during the winter.  And what a great time for us to go.  It was super cold and snowy back here in Wisconsin and sunny and 60s or 70s everyday in Florida.  Very strange to return the cold, it felt so much like spring when we were gone.  

We stayed with Erica and Jud and their family of dogs :).  We spent our days getting to sleep in a bit, going to the zoo, eating out at restaurants we had never heard of or had never been to, staying up late, shopping, going to the beach and playing games.  A highlight was climbing the 200+ stairs of the Saint Augustine light house- 32 weeks pregnant!

We just love spending time with Erica and Jud and after leaving always want to find a way to be closer to them.  Sadly, I don't think a move to Florida is in our near future, but we had a wonderful time!  Can't wait to take the girls someday!!

Petting the stingrays

Jacksonville Zoo

Erica and I with the giraffes

All of us at the beach

We celebrated Joe's birthday in Florida!  27 on the 22nd.  Largest Chipwich I've ever seen!

At the lighthouse

I think this picture is really neat.  Joe and I at the bottom.

I wrote both girls' names in the sand.  But, you all have to wait a few more weeks to know the baby's name!

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