Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being a Mom

Pacis-First off, I am happy to report that Irelyn is paci free!  Has been for a couple weeks now. We were holding out taking her paci away at bedtime (the only time she had it) because of the new baby and lots of things changing, but she gave it up well.  She is "giving them to Lyla."  Lyla takes a paci, but doesn't seem to really like it.  But, it does it's jobs (pacifies her) and then she normally spits it out.  We had a few kinds to try with her, but she really took to the Avent ones.  I thought she would like the MAM like Irelyn, but not so much.  Spits those out immediately. Maybe when she can take the larger ones she will.  I don't know maybe we will stick with these.

Bed- Lyla moved from our room to her own room.  It was bittersweet.  She is kind of a noisy baby, she grunts a bit in her sleep and I can't sleep when I hear all that.  It is nice to have her in the room right next to us.  I don't hear all the little noises, but we don't need a monitor because once she lets out a louder cry I can hear her.  She did pretty well sleeping in her crib, but just like Irelyn did, she wakes up before she is ready sometimes.  I get a little lazy about getting her back to sleep and having her lay next to me is a pretty sure fire way to get her right back to sleep, plus it is nice to cuddle, just not all night.  Irelyn always liked laying on her stomach on our chests, but not Lyla.  She is a total back sleeper.  Not quite as fun for cuddle time, but that's okay.

I just want to say how lucky I feel to be a mom.  It is the only want that remained constant all my life.  What I wanted to do for an occupation changed frequently, but my want to be a wife and mom never changed from when I was a little girl. 
When I was little I assumed that getting married and having kids was a given, but I have learned it definitely is not.  I was lucky enough to find the man I would marry at age 20, marry him at 24, and have our beautiful children at 25 and 27.  Through blogging or facebook or other social media it is hard not to find someone who has struggled with finding someone or having children.  We are truly blessed and I never want to forget that even when Irelyn is screaming about something silly or Lyla won't fall asleep at 3:30am.  It really doesn't matter, because they are here, they are healthy, and they are loved more than they will ever know. 

And lastly, the latest Iley and Lyla comparison

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