Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lyla: 2 months

Little Lyla turned 2 months old on Mother's day and we took her monthly picture. 

She had her doctor appointment today.  She is a little over 12 lbs and 22 1/2 inches.  Which puts her in the 83rd% for weight and 51st% for height.  Opposite of what we would have thought. I am very surprised by her height, because I thought she had had a big growth spurt this week because all of a sudden her pants are kind of short.  They are not tight, just short.  I thought she was tall. Maybe she has long legs and a smaller torso, I don't know. It's strange for me to have a baby not in the top 95% for both height and weight as a certain other child of mine has always been.  ;)

At 2 months Lyla is smiling and cooing and seems to really know Mom and my voice.  She loves to be talked to and makes eye contact.  She still eats about the same as she was at 1 month.  4 ounces every 4 hours or so.  She gets up once at night.  She is sleeping pretty hard by 8.  If she eats shortly before that she will sleep til around 3, but if she ate at around 6 she will get up at midnight, but then not again until around 8.  Her naps are not as predictable and I am trying to get her on a better schedule.  She tends to fight sleeping most of the morning and then take a long nap in the afternoon. 
She holds her head up well, and although I haven't been as good as I should about tummy time, the doctor was impressed when she put her on her belly and she lifted most of her torso up and then ROLLED OVER.  Showing off for the doc I guess.  She also kind of rolled over for the first time on Mother's Day so today was actually the 2nd time.  Amazing!

And just for fun another comparison of the 2.  Who is who??

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