Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Children's Museum

OKay when I typed the title of this most I sang it, so when you read it you have to sing the little song from the commercials, if you know it.  If you don't know it, make one up, but it has to be sung not read :).

So my story for today really starts last night.  We were watching shows we had DVR'd and then the 10 o clock news. (insert tangent here).  Its starting to bother me and makes me feel like an old lady that I stay up for part of the news and then go to bed most nights.  I remember my parents doing that.  Did I really change into that already???  Anyway, there was a story about the "Teddy Bear Clinic" happening at the Children's Museum sponsored by Gundersen Lutheran.  I half listened and thought it was cute.  Then they said" free teddy bears", then "free admission", and then "Saturday."  I actually backed it up to make sure it was Saturday as in the next day.  Perfect.  I had been thinking about taking her to the museum, but thought she was still too young.  But hey, its free and we have nothing else to do.  Joe needs to work on the lawn and other things around the house, but Irelyn and I got nothing.  We'll go.  I then debated between going to the Children's Museum or to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.  But, Joe said he would maybe like to go with to see the Easter Bunny so we will save that for another night or next weekend. 

Saturday started out great.  Irelyn slept til 8 (wow 12+ hours) and I slept til 9!  (another tangent) Joe and I agreed awhile ago that if we were both home and had nothing else going on we would each get one weekend day to sleep in and the other would get up with Irelyn.  Saturdays he gets up and Sundays I do. 
We got ready and met my Mom at the museum.  It was packed.  I have never been there before, but I'm pretty sure it is not always that busy.  But, it is a big place and we found plenty of room to explore.  We checked in and got Irelyn her bear, which we named, Checkers.  I felt a little bad because she is too young to go to all the stations to have her bear "go to the hospital" but they were really cute and I hope in the next few years we will get to do that.  I have one suggestion for the organizers.  Add a physical therapy station!  I would totally come man that station and help rehab the little bears so they could get better and go home :). 
So, Irelyn enjoyed the 0-4 area which was more age appropriate for her.
  She also enjoyed pushing the cart and gathering the orange in the Kwik Trip store, climbing in the tree house, getting her hands wet in the river, and driving the boat.  We had a snack and headed for home.

She had a short nap.  A little while later I gave her a kiss and she felt really warm.  Took temp.  101.3 :(.  She was still pretty playful and happy but would lay her head down on my shoulder and laid down on the floor a couple times.  Even though it was getting later in the day I decided we would lay down together for a LITTLE bit.  Joe ran some errands.  Next thing I know it is 7 o clock!  Uh oh.  We got up and I told Joe he should have never let us sleep that long.  We did supper and bath and Irelyn went to bed at 8:30.  I can't really believe that.  I thought I screwed her up worse than that.  I did probably screw myself for the morning, but we shall see.  I'm pretty sure her fever came down some.  I really hope so because we have a big day tomorrow.  Another birthday party for her with my Dad's family combined with Easter celebration in Westby.

Happy Weekend Everybody!


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