Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter and More Birthday

I am a little behind in my blogging and a little ahead in my holidays.  I have been busy the past couple of nights working on a photobook of Irelyn's first year for myself, my MIL, and my GrandMIL.  Still not done, but coming along.
I normally get home about 5 and make/eat dinner and play with Irelyn until bedtime.  Then I have about 2 hours at night to clean, do laundry, relax, or work on other things depending on how late I want to stay up.  And I like sleep.

Anyway, this past Sunday we celebrated Easter and Irelyn's birthday with my side of the family in Westby.  I have to work Easter Sunday.  BOO.  The day started rough and Joe ended up not going with us. Another BOO. I won't get into all that, but its fine now.  Irelyn and I showed up to church 10 minutes late.  I didn't realize it was confirmation Sunday.  It was full and we couldn't sneak into a seat in the back so I had to walk half way up and around people. Awkward. Irelyn started her 'stranger danger' a little later than I think most babies do.(at almost a year)  For church it comes in a little handy.  She sat on my lap and ate animal crackers the whole time. 
My plan worked perfectly and she fell asleep in the car shortly after we left church and woke up right before we got to my Grandma's.  'Stranger Danger' did not come in very handy when we got there. She hadn't seen most of these people since Christmas.  I felt bad.  She was so clingy.  It took a little while, but she started to come around.  She got some wonderful gifts.  They were perfect for her.  They included a toy phone (obsessed with phones), cute clothes, and musical (with guitar! I like to play with that one:)) and look and find books which I had just been wanting to get for her. My Grandma was so sweet and got her a cake as well.  We had wonderful food and had a good time.
Pretty Girl enjoying the 80 degree! weather 
A new favorite toy

Plan continued to work perfectly.  She was sleeping again a few minutes after we left and slept all the way home.  Plus, we missed the storms.  However, I do think if you would have taken my blood pressure when driving through La Crosse it would have been sky high.  The tornado warnings on the radio would go off ever 2 minutes.  It was clear in front of me and green/gray/black behind me. I decided not to look behind me.  I just concentrated on getting my baby home, but it was all fine.  We hung out in the basement as a precaution for a little while, but the storm was short and over quickly.  We in Holmen did not get the hail that La Crosse got and I was very lucky to have gotten through just in time.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. The storms were horrible! I'm glad you made it home safe!! I LOVE her outfits!! She is too cute!!