Friday, April 29, 2011

Definitely A Girl

In having a discussion with Irelyn's day care provider and my own observation, Irelyn does not like to get her pretty little hands dirty. She has a hard time with really messy foods and won't eat them (most of the time).  It's even more evident and funny when outside.  She tries so hard to avoid touching the grass or dirt with her hands.  But, our yard is not exactly level and although she is a good walker for 13 months- uneven terrain is more difficult. Of course she falls down every now and then.  She will keep her hands up while falling and tries to stand without using her hands.  I think its really cute!

She does really like the outdoors and hates coming back inside.  Hopefully we start getting some consistently nice days SOON.  We bought her some outdoor toys and I am waiting to try them out!  I guess the sandbox I've been wanting her daddy to make may be put on hold til she learns its okay to sometimes get your hands dirty.  She does of course love to wash her hands.  The dogs water dish is an everyday battle.

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