Thursday, March 31, 2011

12 Month Well


At 12 months you weigh 25 lbs and 13 oz! WOW! And you are 31 inches tall!  You are in the 95%, so you are bigger than 95% of all other 1 year olds!
The doctor gave you a Clifford book.  She is very proud of your walking, and pointing, that you like to bring us things to show us, your whole milk drinking, drinking out of a cup, and your overall health is great! 
You received shots.  We both shed a few tears this time, but as soon as Mommy picked you up you were happy.  Well, as long as I did not put you back down.  You are never as cuddly as you were there except when you are sleeping!  Mommy did like that part. 
You also had blood drawn from your finger.  I cannot believe how good you were for this.  You just sat there.  I thought you might fall asleep you were so quiet and still.  It took a while for her to squeeze all the blood she needed out of your finger.  She said you were the best baby ever!  And you know what?  I think so too!!


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