Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Preparations

The planning is coming along for Irelyn's very first birthday!!

Today was a good day.  Joe got home last night after being gone all week.  My mom came over to sit while the baby was sleeping and Joe and I got to go out for a little while for a friend's going away party.  Since Joe was gone all week and he normally does get up with Irelyn on Saturdays I got to sleep in! YAY!  Plus she slept till 7 and took great naps, so hopefully back on track with the sleeping.

My mom and I went to the bakery today and decided on the design and everything for the cake.  I'm so excited to see the finished product.  We also went and picked up the rest of the decorations and ordered balloons. 

Since we both work during the week and have company coming next weekend and then more company next Wednesday, Joe's mom took the baby for the rest of the afternoon and evening so we could clean our house.  We got most of it done and then we were able to go out to eat just the 2 of us. 

I'm a little less stressed with the party prep now.  Just have to figure out the menu and food.  That should be my last hurdle.  And a little more cleaning I suppose.  But, overall I am excited and can't wait!

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