Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Irelyn!

My baby girl is one year old tomorrow!!  One year ago right now I was probably getting my epidural, while my husband didn't hold my hand because he was going to faint. :)  I did not even feel the epidural because I had constant back pain and constant contractions.  I always thought when labor started it would be that 5-7 minutes apart.  NOT for this girl.  It was BAM you are in labor and you get no relief.  The car ride from Holmen to GL never seemed so long! 7 hours later I was holding the most beautiful little girl in the world and everything was right again in the world :). 

I can not believe what a difference a year makes!!  I was thinking about the beginning of her life a few days ago and Joe and I talked about how we really were just flying by the seat of our pants.  But slowly but surely we are figuring out this whole parenting adventure. 

Irelyn is now at such a cute stage.  She is hilarious and just walks around being cute and funny and making herself laugh.  She loves phones, her baby, music, sitting in her little rocker, and sitting on the "big girl chair" which is our kitchen counter stools. 

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday, March 26.  Princess themed of course! We had the party at our house and had 17 or so adults and about 10 kids under 8.  I made and showed a slide show of pictures of Irelyn from birth until now set to music.  We served hot beef sandwiches, fried green beans, fruit salad, cheeseballs, and cakes. 

We discovered Irelyn is terrified of balloons and also now inflatable balls.  She was a little overwhelmed with all the activity, but hopefully overall she enjoyed herself.  She got lots of great clothes and toys. 

After the party Iley was super happy and back to herself.  I think she looked through all her presents many times.  (except for the scary balls:))  She now loves playing with her magnet barnyard. 

My mom then took Irelyn for the night so we could celebrate Erica's 26th birthday.  Erica and her husband Jud came from Florida to help us celebrate Irelyn's birthday, so I had to plan a celebration for her as well.  We got a group together and had a fun night in downtown La Crosse.  We called my Mother in Law at the end of the night to drive us home.  I say this just to point out that even at 26 you still need your parents and being a parent truly will never end.  And I am just fine with that!! 


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