Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Ahead

I've never like the idea of losing an hour of sleep, even less now that I have a baby.

I followed the advice I heard and did NOT change the clocks the night before.  That way I feel that I slept the same amount I would have any normal night.  I changed the clocks around 10am.  Should have changed them while my husband was still sleeping in so he realized how late it was :).

I worried about getting Irelyn on a new schedule.  It went pretty well.  She took her morning nap early (what would have been 8:30, but now technically 9:30) so that worked out to be perfect.  She wasn't to hungry at the "new" lunch time, but we feed her anyways because I was taking her with me to meet a friend at the Home Show.  We walked around there for awhile and visited with our good friend from Hidden Valley Designs!

Then, it was home for nap and then last day of swimming :(.  It was a good 8 weeks and although you can't teach a 1 year old too much about swimming I think it was fun for us to do and get her used to the water.  Really looking forward to going to the beach and outdoor aquatic parks this summer!
Here is a pic of our little water bug
Night time was a little more challenging.  I think it will take a couple days to get her back on track.  Her bedtime is usually no later than 8, but sometimes it is quite a bit earlier.  Tonight it was after 8:30 and still a few tears were shed. 

Atleast the sun stays out longer and appears that spring will eventually return once again.  Fingers crossed!

Oh, one last note.  Since Irelyn is now a big walking girl I suppose I need to put shoes on her.  Which is actually kind of a pain and she doesn't like, but here is my baby in her big girl shoes!

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