Sunday, March 20, 2011


A friends baby shower gave me a little baby fever, but then having a grill out and having a few with good friends brought it right back down.  Hello Spring!

We tried to switch Irelyn from formula to whole milk, but she got a coughing spell and ending up hurling chunks all over me, her, and the floor.  Worst puke she's ever had in her short little life.  We are now working on a slower approach to switching.  Hopefully THIS will be my last container of formula. 

Irelyn has also recently started shaking her head "no."  Its so cute and funny, but I'm trying to get some "yes" nods in there too.  I had some friends over from college.  One is getting a PTA award.  I was holding Irelyn and said "Mommy should get an award too" and she shook her head no.  Little stinky.  She was definitely the little life of the party and so excited to have people over.  She's such a good girl!

I had to run a couple errands during Irelyn's nap today.  She woke up before I got home.  While I was gone I got a text from her daddy.  Here is what it said "She is walking all over the house going 'Mum, Mum, Mumm, Mummm'.  She's looking for you!"  Melts my heart!!!!  I love her soooo much!

Have a happy Great week!  Less than one week til the birthday party!

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