Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I thought I would share a little bit about.....IRELYN of course!

I first heard the name Irelyn a few years back on a TLC special about quintuplets.  2 were girls, 1 was named Irelyn.  I couldn't tell you any of the other names or anymore about those quints.  But, that name stuck.  I remember the name, but I can't say that I ever thought I would name my own daughter that. 

I actually had the name Kinley in my head long before I met Joe, got married, or pregnant.  Until the very end of my pregnancy it was between those 2 names. Joe never really suggested any names, he only would veto some of the names I came up with.

We did not share our baby names with anyone.  We wanted that to be a surprise and did not want others to influence us. We were pretty set on naming our baby Irelyn, but I said I had to see her in person before I could 100% give her that name. 

I remember thinking if she was born on St. Patrick's Day it was definitely going to be Irelyn.  But that came and went and the longest 2-3 weeks of my life continued.  (she was due March 21st)

Well the day finally came and I specifically remember holding my baby girl with Joe standing over us on my right side.  A nurse asked me her name.  I looked at Joe thinking we would discuss it and decide and he didn't even look at me.  He looked right at the nurse and said "Irelyn." So that was it, Joe named our baby after all.

I should add Irelyn and I are part Irish.  Joe is not.  So here is the 2 Irish girls on Irelyn's first St. Patty's Day!
She even had a green paci for the day
Riding the pony

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