Monday, March 7, 2011

I Started

Hello All,

So, lately I have been coming across posts from some of my "friends" on a certain social networking site that link to a few different blogs.  Being a sucker to click on anything... I check out these stories.  And I have to admit most of them are quite sad and/or depressing.  I started to think that if you have a blog tragic things will happen to you.  But, that's absurd to think, right?  I mean there have to be millions of happy blogs. But people don't post links to those because those people don't necessarily need extra prayers or support.  So, I get it. 

Naturally I am apprehensive to start a blog.  I worry about my thoughts and stories being "public".  But let's face it my life is not that interesting and I don't think these words will even be seen by very many eyes.  So, I am mainly doing this for myself and for my beautiful little girl.  I hope to document our best and maybe worst memories and that way we will always have a little record of that time in our lives. 

So, if you have found this- thanks for reading and enjoy!  And keep in mind my sister is the English major.  Not me.

There we go.  I started.

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  1. Trina! I like your blog already. I hope my blog doesn't fall into the sad/depressing category, but I definitly know what you mean. Take care of the cute family of yours and keep up the good writing!