Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boo Boo

Well the time has come.  Iley had her first nose bleed.  She was walking with her cup and took a little tumble.  Didn't even fall down just smashed her cup into her nose.  She was so tough.  I think I was more concerned than she was. What if it doesn't stop bleeding?  She won't let me clean it?  Is it going to bleed all over?  And then the who do I call?  My mom?  Well she is 25 minutes away what could she do?  The neighbor?  She knows it all she watches Irelyn when I am at work and has kids of her own.  She helps me through alot.  Luckily, it was fine.  My mind just immediately begins to overact.  Typical overprotective mom I guess.  :)  She has never had active bleeding before.

The snow continues to come down.  It has delayed the arrival of our guests from Florida.  I'm really excited to see them!!

Here is my tough little monkey with her first boo boo...

And she is definitely Mommy's daughter.  Here she is with Coach purse, cell phone, and jewelry box in hand.

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  1. Poor baby! Give her a big squeeze from us, and you can ALWAYS call me!!!